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This Week is Going to be a GOOD Week

24 Jan

It HAS to be better than last week (and the week before).  I am determined to make it better.

I will study in the morning, count calories, introduce fruits and veggies to my diet, be patient with my coworkers, not make my job my priority, go to the gym regularly, and floss.


I can do it.  I WILL do it!


And I won’t get stressed about things I cannot control–scheduling at work.  I will remember that I am

only one person and can only do so much so fast.  I will not feel left out, left behind, or awkward in school.  I will not take Cool’s driving to work burden my own.  I will help as I can, but not make myself sick with worry.

I will be miss sweet and light, and maybe even a little optimistic no matter how impractical–because I am motivated and working hard.