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Questions for Riverpoint Audiology Advisor

25 Jan

-As a non-degree student, would this semester HAVE be part of a future transcript?

-What standards are used in a course taken Pass/Fail?

-If I take a course Pass/Fail, does it count toward pre-requisites for more advanced courses?

-Is it true that on April 27, I could change from P/F to graded (if I’m doing well)?

-What exactly does taking a course by audit mean?

-What are the implications for my transcript?

-How much does it cost to audit a course?

-To get financial aid can I just take 12 credits or do I need to be enrolled in a degree program?

-What sort of letters of recommendations is admissions looking for?

-How much do the letters count toward acceptance?

-Is the postbacclaureate program considered a true degree program eligible for funding?

-Can the post-bac classes be split into more than 2 semesters?

-Can I enroll in an undergrad program and take less than a full-time course load (for funding help)

-Am I eligible for any scholarships?

-Are there any kind of tuition for work programs?

-Are there any summer courses offered at Riverpoint?

-Do you know of any summer courses in Speech & Hearing offered in the summer?

-What might be the easiest of the fall courses to take through online-Ohio in the summer?

-How can I get an old syllabus for Anatomy & Physiology to prepare over summer?

-Can I get a list of required textbooks for fall classes now?

Is there any sort of job shadow/observation/work through the department?