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Allie McBeal Does a Disservice to Women

30 Jan

I watched the show Allie McBeal for the first time.  I was horrified.  I couldn’t pay attention to the jokes, the acting, the dialogue, the plot, or anything else.  I could only see emaciated skeletons that were supposed to serve as role models on a show geared toward women.  The problem was so evident and so dramatic that I was disgusted.

It’s one thing so have a problem.  It’s quite another to pretend that your weight is normal as are your eating habits.  To pretend it’s no big deal is harmful.  Calista Flockhart leads the eating disorders (and the denial) going as low as under 98 lb at 5’5″. Portia was down to 85 lb during the show. Courtney Thorne-Smith also struggled with an evident eating disorder during the show.  At the time, they either vehently denied having disordered eating and low weights, or remained tight-lipped about it.

They all admit their problems now.  Some more half-heartedly then others (Calista, I’m talking to you).  But what good does that do to millions of viewers influenced by the show in the 1990s when the cast vehemently denied having anorexia, bulemia, and the like?  How many girls watched that television show and felt bad about their own bodies?  How many began nursing their own eating disorders as a result?

I can’t watch the show, and wouldn’t want to anyway.  I won’t knowingly support such a bad example to women and body size.