ANTM: Guilty Pleasure

3 Feb

I like the creative side of the show.  It’s amazing to me that someone could come up with so many diverse concepts for photo-shoots.  And of course, the pervy-er side of me likes to look at the pictures.  These are attractive girls.  I say girls, not to disrespect, but because “old” for models is 17.  That’s the truth.  And the industry is looking for younger and younger blood (12 years?!) to chew up and spit out.

What I don’t like about the show is Tyra.  Yeah, I said it.  I find her obnoxious and self-congratulatory.  Could her picture be featured MORE?  And I hate her fag-hag gossipy-banter.  I’m like “Shut up, fat-ass and get back to the pictures!”  And you just know Tyra in all those years of being a model and stressing how she just loved Southern home-cooked food was lying, lying, lying!  I guess she never mentioned portion size of those “bad” foods.  Apparently not much, because she is a cow now that she’s no longer a model.  But it doesn’t stop her from wearing inappropriate model-esk clothes and parading about in front of the camera.

The other thing I don’t love about the show is how catty the girls can be to each other sometimes.  It isn’t constant, but there is definitely some drama portrayed that I don’t love.  To miss those bad, I find myself skipping the show and just looking at the resulting pictures online.  And there are thousands!  Note to ANTM web-designer:  There are SO many repeats.  It’s annoying.  And there’s no main list where you can chose one season and the title of the episode.  You have to start at the most recent show and click “next,” “next,” “next.”  It’s tedious.  But I did it.  I went though about 2,000 + pictures.

Of course, I didn’t really love concepts such as blood bath, women bound in rope, or statues for feminist reasons.  I try not to think how the ladies are constantly objectified and dehumanized as models.  I suppose it’s not enough just to try to not to think about it.  I should take a stand and DO something.  But what can you do to avoid an entire beauty/weight-loss/fashion industry?  It’s all-encompassing and pervasive.  Any ideas, my feminist friends?


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