Dodged a Bullet

4 Feb

Here’s an older blog:

I was doing a little (more) Facebook stalking today.  Wait, lemme explain.  I got to wondering why Facbook recommends I friend Mary, and the hairdresser, and Fake-Ass Bitch Melissa from Noah’s Ark, but never Lori or Joci.  I dated Lori in 2006 and assume we still have some mutual friends.  So then, I wondered if she went so far as to block me. . .  Or if she was alive–she WAS a little reckless.

So I looked for her, and of course her entire profile was public.  She always was sort of an attention whore (because of low self-esteem?).  Anyway, her pics were the same.  Just no boundaries, sketchy drunk pictures, and personal quizzes.  Just out for all to see.  And she looked fat to me.  Joci’s was the same, and she still seemed temperamental and got fat as well.  And it looks like those two are on one another’s friend list, but don’t interact often.

Lori must have dropped out of Mizzou (again) because she is living in STL.  And working at some Ren Fest???  And her life’s ambition was working the night shift at the hotel–like she had been when I dated her.  What a fucking loser.

I guess that’s what you get when you meet your next girlfriend through an ex-girlfriend.  Lesson learned.  No one Douche knows is a winner.  Now I wonder what Douche is up to. . .  Next stalking mission?  Nah–I don’t care enough to unblock that stupid bitch.  Hopefully whatever she’s doing, wherever she is, she’s getting what she deserves.

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