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Bureaucratic Nonsense

5 Feb

I haven’t mentioned this loooong story, b/c just thinking about it makes me tired.  It was a big headache in a week of headaches.  The second doctor at work was there all week, b/c the vet I like took her vacation.  So needless to say work was stressful–I can’t even bear to talk about that.  I will try to condense this craziness while giving the pertinent facts:

-As you know, I am enrolled in my Spring semester course as a non-degree-seeking student.  This requires that I pay all tuition fees in the first 3 weeks of class, but is otherwise pretty effortless.

-Despite not engaging when I asked the school for help, everyone was freaking out about my presence in the program.  They prefer that you are enrolled IN a degree program of some sort, and they really prefer that all students enter the program in the fall.

-My adviser met with me and encouraged/begged/pressured me to apply as a post-bac for the next academic school year.

-Even though it was a LOT easier to apply as a non-degree-seeking student, and even though I missed the scholarship deadline (that one still hurts), I went ahead and applied for the post-bac program to make the school happy.

-I filled out the school application, my taxes, and my FAFSA on the same day.  Needless to say, my brain was mush by the end.

-I looked what the criteria was and thankfully, didn’t have to send any test scores, didn’t have to get letters of recommendation, just had to mail transcripts.

-I looked everywhere!  But could not find a Riverpoint address for the transcripts.  I kept seeing the main WSU campus in Pullman.  So finally, I figured that I must have to send the transcripts to Pullman.

-I paid (outrageous fees!!!!) to send transcripts from 2 different schools to WSU-Pullman.  One of the schools allowed me to include an attention to:  And I put Riverpoint Speech and Hearing.  The other just had to be sent.

-When I went into the application section, there was a lot going on.  It wasn’t very clear where I should apply (transfer student apparently) and there were many links for different applications all in one place.

-I thought I found the appropriate one for post-bac this next year, even though I had to put some weird major “Speech and Hearing Post-Bac w/Teaching Certificate.”

-Filled the thing out, paid my $50 and was done with it.

-As soon, as I was finished with the app, a message flashed up telling me the Riverpoint transcript address.  Oh bother.  So now I would have to:  Try to edit the 2 transcript orders before they went out, cancel the 2 transcript orders all-together and re-order (and re-pay) for new transcripts to go to the correct address, contact Pullman and ask them to forward the transcripts to Riverpoint, whine and hope someone would take care of the problem for me, ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own.  So far I’m sticking with the latter 2 options, but I may have to deal with this issue soon.

-Going along with the second to last transcript option, I e-mailed my adviser about the transcript situation.

Is this condensed at all?  I hope you’re not as bored reading this as I am typing it.  All of the information comes into play later–I promise.  We are getting to the nonsense part of the situation at least.  Anyway, continuing on with the story.

-One said that I applied for summer semester.  This was a surprise to me, but I could see how I could have picked the wrong link.  The message continued on that my program doesn’t offer and classes in the summer.  At the bottom, it said I could submit a new application for fall and include a new non-refundable application fee of $50.  This had to be done by the due date of 1-31-12.  The exact day I received the e-mail.

-*sigh* so I e-mailed my advisor reassuring her despite my struggles I am not a flake or a loser, and asking how I could avoid paying another $50.  She told me to try the fee-waiver box at the end of the app.

-I re-filled out the application, this one for fall I am certain.  And at the end the fee-waiver required an essay of why it’s a hardship to waive the fee, and asked me to put down someone who can vouge for my financial situation.  I wrote something, and put my employer down.

-After a day of (stressful) work, I get home and see my e-mail box has gone from 4 messages to 18!  Then, I see a majority of them are from Riverpoint.

Here are what some of them said:

-“You applied for summer semester. . .”  The one I got before.  Yeah, thanks.  Message received.

-“Your financial verification person is inappropriate, please select someone who can speak on your financial situation such as a teacher, counselor, employer, pastor. . .  Resubmit within 3 days”

-From my advisor-An acknowledgement that there was a glitch in the university’s application system and thank you for tipping them off.  Wait just a second!  So I hadn’t picked the wrong link after all.  Furthermore, I had alerted Riverpoint to the problem???

-An e-mail saying there was a glitch in the application, and everyone was to re-submit a fall application, click the fee-waiver, and write such and such pre-written essay that the school had made a mistake.

-An e-mail telling me to contact admissions and tell them I hadn’t included the appropriate fee waiver statement, but was a victim of the mistake.

-Advise to go in person to the admissions office.

At this point, I was furious!  So I had not made a mistake after all.  Not only that but I was the one who alerted the campus to the problem.  And still, they were going to hassle me, make me re-fill things out, bother me about a new application fee, and generally make me jump through all kinds of hoops–to enroll in a program so the school has an easier time???  I wrote and told them to sort it out without my involvement.  C’mon–I’m only applying as a post-bac b/c it is easier for the university.  If they give me too much trouble about it I’ll just do the non-degree-seeking application in August.