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6 Feb

I think I’m going to cancel my membership to the Y.  It’s difficult enough to get my ass to the gym between sleeping and working without having to worry about whether I can get a machine or not.  The resolutioners are overcrowding the gym and ruining my workout experience!  I can’t go to the YMCA close to home, b/c the parking lot reaches capacity.  And at the gym farther away it’s a crap-shoot.  Nothing is worse then changing, driving to the far gym, getting parking in the back-40, then not getting to workout!

The employee suggested coming in at 2 PM when it’s slow.  Which I could only do on my ONE day off a week.  She said it’s also slower at 5 AM (my study time and Cool’s sleeping time) or 9 PM, after my bedtime.  And I could swim during the day when kids are at school, but that would only be 2 times a week.  After school lets out the kids take over the pool.

We tried the sneaky way of getting a guaranteed a spot.  You have to call and reserve your bike the day before cycling class.   BUT there is only one cycling class outside of my work hours, and it’s only a half hour so even if we did make it, that’s only a 30 min. workout all week.  Plus, the class falls right before my weekly class quizzes so if I have a lot of material to go over I have to forgo the gym.

I’m just tired of wasting $40 a month to be frustrated about NOT having a place to workout. . .