Valentine’s Dread [Anti-Valentine’s Bonus Post]

9 Feb

I wish Valentine’s Day WAS actually about love.  It would be a lot better if it was.  More then just trying to get people to spend money, it seems our culture is deeply invested on hyping the idea of Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure why it is so imporatant to sell the IDEA of V-Day?  Maybe I’ll investigate what purpose it serves in this years anti-blog.

I am dreading the big V-Day this year.  It’s impending.  My Spotify account won’t shut up about it.  The stores are draped in pink and red.  It’s coming. . .  And you can’t avoid it.  I just want to treat it like another day.  Railing against the Hallmark-Holiday all day is not my intent at all.  I just want to ignore the whole thing, because I don’t accept it as a legit holiday.  But it can’t be done.  If you’re not whole-heartedly with the day–or hoping to be a part of the day–you’re against it.  By NOT wearing pink and talking about romance, I am called out as a rebel.

That day, I have to work with Lauri (temperamental receptionist)–who is the epitome of the bitchy, Valentine’s entitled-gal.  She’s gonna be like, “He BETTER surprise me with something romantic if he knows what’s good for him.”  She’ll really ruin my day no matter how her gift-receiving goes.  If it’s good enough, she’ll be parading around with it and talking about it all day.  If it’s bad, she’ll make everyone miserable by being out of sorts, whining, and saying angry, empty threats.  High maintenance!  Then, the OTHER doctor is working again-AND it’s her anniversary (I suspect) that day, so she’s going to be all excited about the Valentine’s hype.  The last co-worker has two school aged boys who’ll no doubt be preparing and receiving little Valentine’s in class.

Not only will work make me disgruntled about this fake holiday that makes single people look like losers, and all women act like selfish-bitches, I have to go to a college campus.  I will have to listen to all the sorostitutes and their romantic (impractical) expectations and ideals.

The only thing worse then that is going to a hair salon.  Warning, if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, never go to any sort of beauty place.  Everything is magnified in there, and THE worst chatter is pervasive.  The feminine aspect of being on the receiving end of gifts is in full-force.  It is seriously annoying.

This dread makes me wonder what aspect of the V-Day I will address in this year’s annual Valentine’s-Hating Blog.  But for now, type “Valentine’s” in my search box and read the older posts on the subjects.  I would link them if I knew how. . .  Topics include:  Gender, environmental impact, blood diamonds, and probably just general disgruntlement.

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