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Starbucks–I Demand You Hire Me!

10 Feb

I would be awesome.  I could be there at 4:30 or 5 AM, make coffee, and would even clean.  I could be your best employee ever.  Just give me a chance.

More and more I find myself getting disgruntled with my job–to the point I want to quit.  I fantasize about getting school loans to cover tuition and living expenses so I can just focus on my studies.  I wish I were dating someone with a good job who could take care of me.  I even wish there was some part-time waitress-type job I could get.  Anything that paid me better, respected my schedule, and wasn’t life-or-death kind of stress.

I got out of work late on my half day.  And the doctor I liked suggested I still clock out at the normal time even though I had to do-work related things later.  What???  How do you say that you feel more comfortable getting PAID when you are required to go somewhere for work without looking like a whiny or confrontational jerk?  This always happens too.  But just to me.  Heaven forbid our tech have to come in on her day off.  And no one dares to mess with the receptionist’s (super-early, and extended) lunch.  And both of them get long lunches if they are about to get over-time.  But me?  It’s just expected that I’ll come in early, lose a portion or all of my lunch time, and stay late.  They always disrespect the fact I get a half day–because I am the ONLY one who works every Saturday.  It’s my trade-off, getting one half day off to make up for working every Saturday.  But I’m always late for it, losing it all-together, or harassed about when it will be.  Even though I am always early on Saturday, do the cleaning no one else wants to do, and work really hard–by myself–on our busiest day.

And they (everyone!)  insists on over-scheduling me.  Since they know I can handle it, they will triple-book the slow doctor, squeeze an appointment in one 10-minute slot, or throw in 2 animals in the time it takes for 1.  It’s really annoying, and stresses me out.  I am only ONE person, no matter how hard I work.  I guess they don’t realize it means I have to get to work even earlier then I already do.  It means that I have to prepare everything I can ahead of time so it’s ready quickly when it’s needed.  No one cares.  It makes me run, run, run, and it makes the clients have to wait.  I HATE being over-booked.

And yet, I’m the lowest paid employee.  With 12 years of experience AND being the only one with a 4-year college degree, save for the vets, I’m still paid least.  Yeah, it makes me apprehensive to work my guts out more then anyone else like I tend to always do.  But I still do it.  Though I am getting less and less happy about it.

Especially now that this is not my life goal.  I could hang on before and know that I would staff differently, schedule differently, and run my hospital better when the time came.  I could really bare down and stress myself to the max, because I knew it would pay off some day.  I knew it would get me somewhere, and that one day my job would have meaning.  But now I’m just another body at work, and this is just a paycheck to me.  I can’t stand the drama, and the unfairness, and the stupidity.  It brings me down.  I feel like I’m getting stressed for nothing, because I’m wasting my time here.  But I’m stuck too.

I WISH I had any other skills.  If the economy was better–especially in this region, maybe I could do something else.  Something low stress, that pays me according to the skill involved.  I was looking at job postings, and all the veterinary-related jobs demanded SO much!  You have to work the long hours, including weekends, have a vast skill (technical skills!) set, ability to work as a tech and/or a receptionist, be dependable–so much is required.  And all of those jobs low-ball you on the wages.  I was looking at a dollar above minimum wage for all of that.  WTF veterinarians?  You.  Cheap.  Bastards.

If I can’t be a vet.  I.  Want.  Out.