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Fire Engine Day

11 Feb

I walked in the door at work and the phone rang immediately. Sometimes I wonder if people are watching the clinic. . . Anyway, it was one of our clients. And her cat hadn’t eaten since Wednesday. I didn’t know what to do–where could I possibly put her? I had 5 animals coming in simultaneously at 9 AM when we open. No vet there earlier then that. Then, 6 more animals to be seen before noon and 2 involved cases to release.

I felt so helpless.  And of course frustrated that this happened.  I put emergency slots in the schedule just for this type of thing.  But someone used it up for 2-3-4?  non-emergency appointments long ago.  I put the client on hold and asked our receptionist what to do.  She said, “Well, let’s look at the schedule.”  I guess she hadn’t looked at it yet.  She was appropriately shocked when she saw the book.  She had the gal bring her cat mid-morning and warned her there would be a substantial wait.

When she was off the phone, she asked if slow-doctor was upset about this.  I was upset. . .  Like a ball-sack, I almost started to cry as I told her I didn’t know if the doctor was upset, but I was stressed and frustrated as all get out.  I said I didn’t know what to do about this, no one asked the relief vet until Thursday if she could work (she was sick) and no one cared as long as they didn’t have to be here.  They said so on Friday.

The tech Friday asked , “Do you want me to come in?” because she wants everyone to like her.  When I said yes, I could tell she didn’t want to and wasn’t going to come in.  Suddenly, she “remembered” prior plans, then she was worried about getting over-time, then she said the slow-doctor hadn’t asked her to come in (we both knew she wouldn’t), then it was, “Did YOU ask slow-doctor if I need to come in?”  I say, don’t offer things if you don’t wanna follow through, and it made me more angry than if she hadn’t offered at all.

So I was rambling all these things while on the verge of tears, prompting the receptionist to hug me (I’m not a hugger) and then call super-doctor.  That’s my boss that I usually like.  Except when she tries to eff-over my half days, or not pay me.  When the phone call was complete, it was settled that the faster doctor would come to work to help.  I was relieved!

And so the morning started.  Slow-doctor thought it would be good to show up later, bring her kid with her, and bring one of her cats to do blood work on–first thing.  Perfect.  I mean, no common sense at all.  But thankfully, my boss came in before the craziness really started.  She seemed annoyed (who wouldn’t be working on their day off?) and barked at me to look AT her when answering what appointments were already here.  Even if slow-doctor seemed a little bent out of shape that she had to be saved (she did!) having two doctors was helpful.

My boss kept asking what happened with the schedule.  Being severely irate about the whole situation, I just kept my mouth shut.  Then, my boss said every one of us had a hand in today’s schedule–not true, but again I said nothing.  Right before she left, she said the schedule was single-booked from here on out, so did I mind if she left?  I told her she could leave whenever she wanted, it was her day off, and I was just glad she came in at all.  Then she said she thought we already had a meeting about the Saturday scheduling.  And I said we had.  And she was saying that we can’t schedule like this, it is impossible for one vet, and blah blah.  And I just sat there thinking–umm yeah.  I know!  Then, realizing who she was talking to she said, “I’m preaching to the choir.”  Pretty much.

Oh, and she made a point in telling me that she had paid me for staying late on Wednesday.  It made me wonder if she read this blog. . .  I was glad I didn’t have to confront anyone about it or go unpaid for doing work things.

So anyway, I was really stressed, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Thanks to super-doctor–coolest boss ever.  I can’t imagine how the day would have gone otherwise.  Not. Well.  Plus, I’m pretty sure since both doctors were affected heads are gonna roll about the stupid scheduling.  I hope so at least.