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Spokanistan IS the Vacation

13 Feb

I’ve been depressed about being stuck here, and stuck in life.  To exticate myself from this funk, I decided to try and find things right heer in the city that are different, enjoyable, and special.  Something out of the routine.

Looking at the concert schedule made me MORE depressed.  Apparently nobody of quality wants to come to the Inland Northwest.  So I looked up recreation and renting a wave-runner looks like a fun option.  Also, there’s always kayaking.  And we still haven’t really been camping.  We could do that sometime.

Also, Silverwood Park is pretty close, and I do love a water-slide.  So there’stwo more fun options.  I just won’t think about the fact that Cool only gets weekends off so during all of these activities we have to contend with large crowds. . .  I’m trying to think positively about this.

I also looked up Day Spas.  I have never done anything so lavish.  Maybe that’s the thing to look forward to.  It will be so “Frasier” and relax me too.  But I will tell you right now–I am not removing my underwear.  I don’t care how they drape me or touch me-those are staying on.