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Shove It Down Your Throat: RomCom Expectations Feed Capitalism [Anti-Valentine’s #6]

14 Feb

I think it’s interesting that people are so invested in some phony, superficial “holiday.” It is so obviously contrived and capitalistic and yet everyone keeps it alive.  Anyone who dares disagree about the legitimacy of Hallmark’s favorite invention must be bitter and loveless.  Shut up.  Wear pink.  Valentine’s day is a polarized issue. I want to know why. . .

I blame Disney and the romantic comedies.

Disney indoctrinates girls when they are still little.  The helpless princess is always saved by Prince Charming riding in on his white horse.  All she has to do is look pretty.  And wait.  Then she will be rescued, and lavished with gifts, money, and power.  With the romance comes money and power.

The romantic comedies are much the same, but geared toward older females.  They are the same fairytale wrapped in a different package, with the unrealistic story-lines of the woman waiting, the perfect guy showing up and saving her from a life of loneliness, despair, and heaven forbid single status.  Perfect Guy is just as handsome as Prince Charming.  He is creative and spontaneous in his gift-giving, and has the most romantic ideas ever.  If only the women is receptive to his advances.  Even if she isn’t, Perfect Guy will win her over with his cleverness and dedication.  Then the couple will be together.  And happy.

So it’s no wonder Valentine’s Day is celebrated so whole-heartedly.  This is the day women will be saved.  Prince Charming will come woe her, or Perfect Guy will prove himself.  Then, women can be happy.  Rich.  Powerful.

Do we still buy in to this story?  Do we, as modern, independent women still literally BUY in to this fairy-tale?  I say we shouldn’t.  I think love is more realistic and equal then Disney and the romantic comedies make it out to be.  I think a women should chase her own happiness instead of waiting and being receptive to advances.  And dare I say it–I think a women can be rich, powerful, and happy without a man.  We are no longer helpless princesses waiting for our Prince.  We make our own future.

So let’s tell the corporations to shove it.  We as women don’t need to wait to be lavished with expensive gifts in order to be rich, powerful, and happy.  We can strive toward our own goals without a man’s help.  And if we are in love, we can show it in how we treat each other.  Every day.  I don’t need a holiday to tell me to respect, appreciate, and love my mate, Cool.

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