A Mental Exercise

16 Feb

I have been finding it VERY difficult to like work lately.  Mostly I’m stressed.  But throw in some annoyance, disgruntlement, and resentment too.  So in order to trick my mind and get on a more positive wavelength, here is a list of things I LIKE about my job:

1.  I am happy to be employed in this horrible economy.

2.  I love working with animals.

3.  I am glad that I work exclusively with my favorite–cats.

4.  I go home from work, cleaner than any other job since the kitties are generally less disgusting then dogs.

5.  I enjoy when things go smoothly, especially if they happen as planned.

6.  It makes me feel good when I can anticipate what we will need next, and have pulled everything out to be grabbed/done quickly.

7.  Taking radiographs is one of the best parts of the job.  Doctor intrepretation is at a minimum for this duty, so it’s generally a uniform procedure that is the same.  Every.  Time.

8.  It’s not really work, per say, but I enjoy the house cats AT work.  I mean, during lunch when they’re sitting on my lap, purring.  Not so much when they are scooping their litter and poop all over the floor, puking everywhere, or spraying where they shouldn’t.

9.  Running the in-house lab work is fun.  I like doing the procedure and getting fast results.  I’m not so much a fan of miscommunication for what test to run, messed up paperwork, or faulty programs/equipment.

10.  I appreciate free pet advice from the vets, unscheduled appointments when needed, as well as my employee discount.

11.  Call me crazy, but I actually like pulling up the syringes of to-go-home Buprenex.  It’s a chance to stop everything else, and do one thing at a time.

12.  I used to hate doing dentals, but I have learned to like doing those too-for the same reason of slowing down and doing just one thing at a time.

13.  I like when clients like me.  And they are friendly and easy to work with.  I also enjoy when my few favorite clients come in.

14.  It feels really nice to have the ability to restrain  fractious cat.  Especially when the owner doesn’t think it is possible.

15.  Never sitting down.  I can’t imagine being chained to a desk at work, and love that I get to move around all day.  This might be my very favorite aspect of my job (aside from getting to work with lovely kitties).

16.  It is cool to see different breeds, color combinations, and other unique cats I wouldn’t normally see.

17.  The variety of pet names out there is also highly entertaining to me.

18.  Nothing is better than successfully placing an IV catheter.  On the first try.

19.  It’s nice when the people I work with are legit nice to me–and not in a phony way.

20.  I am lucky to hold a coveted position at a vet hospital, considering how many people would like to have my job.

21.  One of my favorite sounds is a cat churring.  I get to hear this regularly while I work.

22.  When someone acknowledges or compliments me on how hard I work, how dedicated I am, how prepared–anything like that–it’s the best!

23.  I have one of the most comfortable work uniforms of any job.  Scrubs are like wearing PJs to work.

24.  I like making different combinations with my scrubs.

25.  I am glad I can wear cute, patterned scrubs, instead of matching, plain scrubs that look identical to everyone else and repeat, week, after week.

26.  I like when the clients or drug reps bring food–and it is shared with the staff.

27.  It’s perfect when anyone–ANYone brings me Starbucks coffee at work.

28.  I like learning new things at work.

29.  I get to watch interesting procedures and surgeries, that most people don’t get to see.

30.  Sometimes I get to glove up and doing something cool during surgery.

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