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Mental Reorganization Part 3

18 Feb

Why I like being employed:

It gets me out of the house–I become agoraphobic without the responsibility of going to a job.

I like having enough cash.

I like to be able to buy something or go out to dinner without having to check my account first.

It is nice to be able to pay the bills without stress–Watching every penny, and worrying about funds sucks.

Working makes me feel like a productive member of society.

I get a sense of worth from my good work ethic.

Really, the only people I see at all (except Cool and the occasional family visit) are at my job.

Being at work allows me to share some stories and important life events with someone aside from Cool.

When you work, it allows you to show off cute hair styles, accessories, and jewelry.

Since I don’t have television, I hear a lot of news at work.

I get more exercise when I go to a job.

Looking for a new job is stressful and tedious.

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