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Calories Count

20 Feb

I didn’t have a clue what foods had how many.  Now that I’ve joined “Lose It,” a calorie-counting website, I am pretty much horrified about how many are in my favorite foods.  And amazed by how many I burn just in a normal day.

You have to put down a weight loss goal on Lose-It and on the Wii that we just bought to replace our YMCA membership.  And, as a petite person, I didn’t really know what to put down.  My real goal is to get Cool to slim down by being supportive and changing our eating/exercising lifestyle for the better.  My secondary goal is to drink something other than coffee and alcohol.  I really do NOT.  Drink anything else.  Nope, not even/ever water.  I fail on this.  Also, I would like to sneak some produce into my diet.  So to be able to get charted and stuff, I just put the bottom number on my BMI chart.  It’s 101 pounds.

And I am obsessed with calorie-free condiments and sauces.  How is it even possible?  How can yummy food have 0 calories?  I am buying them left and right.  Also, I have discovered veggie burgers.  My blog on that will be posted tomorrow.

Anyway, I will let you know about our progress.  And yes, it sucks to be mindful of calories.  I was in a happy bubble of ignorance before.  And now that I know, well, it’s just awful to be aware!