Pseudo-Burger Comparisons

21 Feb

Cool is a hard-core burger (and cheese) lover from waaaay back.  I majored in Animal Science for God’s sake.  Needless to say, we have never tried fake meats of any kind.  Honestly, before I had any real concept of calories (and just how many I eat in a day–a LOT!) I thought phony meat was a preposterous idea.  As such, we are the perfect judges of the different brands and flavors.  I bought one package of each.  We tried to keep other variables consistent.  Here’s the low-down:

1.)  MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger

Specs:  Serving size = 1 patty of 67 g.  Calories = 120.  Fat = 4 g, Sodium = 350 mg, sugar = 2 g.

Color was dark and black and pleasing.  Size is OK, could be thicker.  Texture was good.  Flavorful w/spicy beans.  Goes with condiments (jalapeno, fire roasted red bell pepper, and chipoltle mustard) well.  Filling- most definitely!

2.)  Boca Flame Grilled

Specs:  Serving Size = 1 burger 71 g.  Calories = 120.  Fat = 5 g, Sodium = 380 mg, sugar = 0 g.

Color is tan/beige on the verge of orangy–not that exceptional.  Size seems about the same.  Texture was a more crunchy than yesterday’s fake burger or any real beef and a little dry.  There was a faux-smokey flavor that I found contrived, but Cool liked it.  Goes with condiments (jalapeno, fire roasted red bell pepper, and chipoltle mustard) well.  Filling-  Very.

3.)  MorningStar Grillers Prime

Specs:  Serving Size = 1 patty (71 g).  Calories = 170.  Fat = 9 g.  Sodium = 360 mg.  Sugar = 0 g.

Color-very beef-like. Size-decent, Texture-like a well-done burger, crunchy and only slightly dry.  Goes with condiments (jalapeno, fire roasted red bell pepper, and chipoltle mustard) well.  Filling- Indeed.

4.)  GardenBurger-Original

Specs:  Serving Size = 1 patty (71 g).  Calories = 100.  Fat = 3 g.  Sodium = 400 mg.  Sugar = less than 1 g.

Color- seemed more like chicken then beef, Size-is about par with the rest of the veggie burgers.  Texture-is unpleasently sqishy and soggy.  Taste was earily similar to Stovetop Stuffing.  Doesn’t go as well with the condiments used throughout this experiment.  Filling -Extraordinarily so!  I was actually completely full after the first patty, but ate both to be consistent with the other buger nights.  Now we are both uncomfortably full.

5.)  Eating Right-Soy Protein Burgers

Specs:  Serving Size = 1 patty (71 g), Calories = 70, fat = 1 g.  Sodium = 410 mg and sugar = 0 g.

Color-is beefy, size-seems a little smaller in diameter.  Texture- very meat-reminicint.  It has the same phony-smokey taste of the other veggie-burger, combined with a good Worcestershire flavor.  Cool hated it and I thought it was OK.  Goes with condiments (jalapeno and chipoltle mustard) well. filling-  Yes, but not unpleasantly.

So I am not about to become a vegetarian.  I know the meat is healthy in moderation–just like everything else.  I have no qualms about the treatment of animals–livestock, farm/ranch animals either.  I know the producer’s livelihood depends on the health, well being, and comfort of those animals so they have a vested interest in treating them humanely.  BUT these veggie burgers do make a yummy addition to my regularly scheduled meat meals.  If not an expensive one–but that’s a topic for a future blog post.


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