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You’re Only As Old As Your Liver

24 Feb

I have to cut back on my drinking.

Problematic or not–it’s going to make me look older then my time.  Drinking will eventually make your face get puffy.  There will be tell-tale broken capillaries and redness at the top of the cheeks and across the nose.  The midsection will be distended.

I don’t want that.  And I don’t want to look all old either.

Also, alcohol is a depressant.  And I’ve been in a definite funk as of late.  The two shouldn’t go together.  I will cut back.  Problem is–I am supposed to have some brews with co-workers after work today in an attempt to humanize them, get to know them better, and hopefully be less annoyed with them AT work.  Then, tomorrow, my Aunt is supposed to come over for wine and Wii.

So I guess I’ll sneak Gatorade in between drinks and try to go slowly for the next 2 days.  And then. . .

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