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Vomit in the Shower

29 Feb

Couldn’t even ruin my day.

I feel so much better about life today!  Even though Cool almost puked on my feet, because she suffers from anxiety disorder.  And then even though she did end up vomiting on her own feet in the shower–which has a slow drain.  And even though I had to leave for work really early, and drive out to the boon-docks where Cool works because it snowed and her HHR sucks in bad weather.  And even though I had to shovel the walk once I finally made it to work.

I’m not really certain what it is.  The 97% I got on my exam didn’t hurt.  Especially since I really knew the information I missed, but drew the phonetic letters slightly off.  I hadn’t realized the letters weren’t just a difference in penmanship, but very important to copy exactly.  It’s an easy correction to make.

Also, work suggested I call yesterday to see if it was necessary for me to come back after class.  And even better, it wasn’t–so I got to come home and study.  Also, I heard scuttle that work is taking inventory away from me.  Who knows why.  Very briefly, I was worried that they are phasing me out b/c they are unwilling to work with a partial schedule.  Or they thought I sucked at at.  Or whatever negative thing.  But I just figure they are streamlining for when I’m part-time.  Plus, it makes sense that the person who does all the invoices and puts stuff into the computer system, AND is in the back full-time also does the ordering.

What a flippin’ headache that was.  They want to have things when they want them.  This necessitates ordering well ahead and in large quanitity.  But they also want to keep stock to a bare minimum.  Which necessitates the opposite–wait until we’re just about out of something to order it.  They want the cheapest product, but they never want to vary the brands we already have.  And everyone sort of snipes about it when they see something they deem different or too expensive.  And, most annoying of all–nobody puts things on the want-list until it’s completely out, and too late.  So it’s a huge job trying to keep an eye on EVERYthing or listening to the doctor bitch when they wanted something that isn’t on the shelf.  And I didn’t even get a raise or anything when it became my responsibility, so it totally wasn’t worth all the effort and stress.  The rumor that I don’t have to do it anymore ultimately made me feel really, really relieved.

Was that the whole work problem?  Maybe that and poor scheduling–or staffing whichever side of the coin you look at.  Because now that I know about it, I pretty much feel better about my veterinary job.  Which makes me feel better about everything in life.  It totally sucks when the place you spend the most time, and the job you depend upon for the income that you NEED is not going well.  It overshadows everything and makes life miserable.  I’m glad that feeling is gone, and I hope it stays away.