Why Kidron is Cool

1 Mar

Before this Sunday, I had been a little disenchanted by Cool lately. She can “do her own thing” too much. Also, unemployment wasn’t that great for her figure.  But I love her.  She is my soul-mate.  Here are reasons I think she is so awesome:

-She has great hygiene

-Cool is a non-smoker

-she understands me

-she has a cute face

-she respects my boundaries

-she was willing to move with me, and is willing to relocate again

-Cool doesn’t have to go out to have fun

-she listens to my opinions

-she gets along with my parents, even though she knows they’re crazy

-Choco-Luv adores her

-she isn’t judgmental (like me)

-Cool sets up electronic stuff–then I don’t have to

-she isn’t entitled or spoiled

-she doesn’t get riled when I’m stressed/sad/mean/furious

-she is the BEST at finding me free music on the internet

-she loves to cook

-Cool tends to her hair removal

-she isn’t paranoid (like me)

-her interpretive dancing cracks me up

-she isn’t manipulative

-Cool supports my dreams, whatever they are at the time

-she isn’t catty or gossipy

-she is the best speller

-she likes outdoor activities

-I can trust her with secrets

-people like her

-she loves kitties and doesn’t want a high-maintenance dog or horse

-she enjoys reading–actual books

-she doesn’t play games

-Cool doesn’t LIVE for work, and isn’t always spending the majority of her time there/working

-she is my equal–there are no roles

-she is not a social-whore

-Cool is responsible for her cat

-she’s fun to have on a road-trip

-Cool knows her geography really well

-she makes me laugh

-Cool gives a great massage

-she loves to eat and isn’t on a diet all the time–which allows me to indulge in good food without guilt.


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