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Daylight Savings

11 Mar

I was sitting here, cyber-stalking (or attempting to) and the clock went from 1:56 AM the first time I looked to 3:10 AM just a few minutes later.  And I thought, among other stupid things, about the time change.  Why doesn’t the time change right at midnight?

When I went back to bed at 3:50 AM, and asked Cool about this, she murmured, “bars.”  But I think she said it in her sleep, so I don’t know if it counts.  Are ALL closing times at 2 AM?  I know in Nevada, everything is 24/7 so they don’t bother around with closing times.  And honestly, I was too tired and drunk by the time bar-close came around to remember what time that occurred in Missouri/Kansas/Texas.  As a morning person, I have never been keen on closing-out a bar.  I think I remember hearing second-hand that Louisville, KT and New York had 4 AM closing times though.  So I STILL don’t get why 2 AM is randomly skipped during daylight savings. . .

And I won’t go in to how lame daylight savings is.  You know it, you’re hearing it everywhere.  I thought some President was going to phase it out all-together?  What happened to that?  Anyway, This got me thinking about time zones.  I don’t understand why they have crooked lines, but still don’t put them on the border of states.  Why should Idaho have two different time zones within the state?  It happens in several states, too.  It would be one thing if the time zone lines were straight and followed the longitudinal lines–but they are crooked.  And random.  And why have a Mountain time zone at all?  It’s tiny.  I think they could get away with Pacific, Central, and Eastern zones just fine.

I liked living in the Central time zone best.  The TV shows came on at a really good time for me, and New Years was closer to New York’s ball dropping.  The Mountain time zone wasn’t all that cool, because the world overlooks it.  And Pacific sucked.  The TV programming is all messed up and nothing is on TV by the time Pacific Time Zone New Years comes along!

So there it is.  This is what I am awake and thinking about in the middle of the night.  After I wrote this post I went back to bed and had dreams about hanging multi-colored, sheer ballet skirts from their hangers on a string above racks of clothes.  Don’t ask me why–I don’t know. . .