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Who Says Eating Healthy Can Be Affordable?

12 Mar

I beg to differ.

Rainbow Market!

I am the hugest proponent of the Grocery Outlet.  I mean, I talk up their stellar prices so much that they should really give me commission.  Everyone I know, has heard me tout the Outlet as the best place to grocery shop.  Thanks, Dad!  He always used to buy everything he could on the grocery list there before we went anywhere “real.”  As a kid, I absolutely hated going there.  It made me feel scummy.  And poor.  But as a cheap-skate, my dad insisted it was THE place.  And now that I pay my own way–I concur.

Sure, the store is often dirty, the shelves can be bare sometimes, the employees seem a little disgruntled, and there are sketchy people in there.  Always.  BUT, BUT, BUT the prices are so low–it makes up for all of that.  We’re talking a pint of Ben & Jerries for $1!  When normally the best you can do is when the pints go on sale:  2 pints for $5.00. Grocery Outlet gets off brands, things regular stores didn’t sell during holiday seasons, and dinged cans.  I say, who cares if the products aren’t consistent or the packaging is a little banged up?  I regularly save just as much as I spend when I shop there.  My grocery bill would be double if I didn’t go there.  It’s so great that it makes Wal-Mart seem expensive.  But I shop there too.  And at the Win-Co.  And sometimes Cash & Carry.

Anyway, my point is, as soon as we started watching calories, our options at these discount stores shrank drastically.  The affordable groceries?  Canned, processed, cheese-filled, salty, soda, candy.  We started having to go to Safeway to find low-cal options, more produce, reduced-fat creamer, lean meat, or any vegetarian (ie lower calorie) options.  What a shame!  I have to choose between my health and my pocket book.  And right now–I’m choosing to save money.  Out of necessity.  But I don’t have to like it.