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I Need a Rich Uncle (I don’t want a repeat of Saint George Vet School)

16 Mar

OK, I have a couple of well-off family members, but not in my immediate family. And none very close to me. The maternal side of the family is fractured with undiagnosed mental illness and general dysfunctional behavior. My mom’s brother is a line-man and does very well for his family. When I was growing up, they built a new house every year, had speed boats with skis, went through a auto racing phase, and always entertained and partied. But his daughters are the cousins that weren’t allowed to play with me because I wore hand-me-downs (I was under 4 years old

for God’s sake). Anyway, both cousins are married and in their upper-20s now, and he still pays their rent/mortgage AND an allowance. My other well-off relative is my (favorite) grandmother’s sister in Alaska. She married rich, but has a bunch of grand-kids she just adores, so I’m not even on her radar. They are not sharing any of it with me–let’s put it that way.

I just did my finances and need to work a minimum of 30 hours a week next fall to pay my undergrad loans, rent & utilities, insurance–you know everything I can’t get out of. I was supposed to go part-time so I could take classes AND actually have time to study for the classes.

It’s frustrating, because lack of funds means not only will that slow my school progress, it will impede that studying. I need straight As this time. I feel like I shouldn’t bother paying for a class if I don’t have time to study for the A. It’s such a waste–and I’ve been down that road before. And I didn’t even count tuition, books, or other school expenses.

It makes me feel hopeless and frustrated that I can’t get into my new career because of economic reasons. To get federal student loans, I would have to take 12 credits. But the loans cover ONLY school–no living expenses until graduate school. And I need the pre-requisites to even apply

for any graduate or doctorate program where I could get school funding + living expenses. And to get a private loan–I need a co-signer. And I think we all remember what happened with Saint George’s Veterinary School and my having to walk away for lack of funds. . .

Maybe I’ll go back to my hometown over the summer and work at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch to generate funds. Prostitution sounds like my only feesable option at this point. Either that or take just ONE class this fall and apply for every scholarship that will give money to part time students (not many). Sad.

Plus, yesterday Cool got fired from her job so that creates a whole other set of financial problems. More on this later.

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