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18 Mar

I don’t want to gross anyone out, but I’m wondering if this happens to anyone else:  I always know when I’m about to menstruate, because I get bleedy.  I’m not talking about “down there.”  But my gums will bleed when I floss.  If I get a cat scratch–which happens frequently for me–it will really gush blood and maybe even make a nasty scar.  If I pick at my face (I know this post is turning into all kinds of gross TMI) it will bleed.

Does this happen to anyone else out there?  I ALWAYS know when I’m about to start my period because the regular scratches I get at work will suddenly look horrible and bloody and scar my hands and wrists–whereas normally they do not.

I guess it’s because whatever hormone or enzyme that helps the lining of the uterus slough also gets into the rest of my body?  Maybe my blood is thinner during this time of my cycle?  I’m not entirely certain since this really isn’t a topic I broach on a daily or monthly basis.  I hope this post doesn’t make me sound ignorant of normal female bodily functions.  Just an observation, I guess.