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Abortion and Gun-Control are the SAME Issue

19 Mar

So why are the political ideologies behind both ideas opposing?

Gun Control:  Democrats are for it.  They see that guns cause unnecessary death and violence and so want to ban them entirely.

Anti-Abortion Legislation:   Republicans are for it.  They see murder of fetuses as unnecessary death and violence and so want to ban it.

Gun Control:  The republicans oppose it, because they don’t want big government regulating their every move.  Republicans want to make their own protection decisions, and do not generally advocate murder or crime.  Republicans who want to keep their guns blame individuals for gun violence–not the gun itself.  Guns don’t kill–people kill.

Anti-Abortion Legislation:  The Democrats oppose it because they don’t want big government to impede their personal rights and freedoms.  Democrats want to make their own personal child-bearing decisions, and do not advocate murder of children/babies/fetuses.  Democrats want to keep their reproductive decisions for themselves.  Sure, some individual women make poor decisions, but women’s rights as a whole are at stake.

Do you see how the issues are similar, but the party ideology is opposing?  In the advocating viewpoint, the party sees a problem of unnecessary violence and murder and wants legislation to control it.  In the opposing viewpoints, each respective party doesn’t want government intervention over individual freedom.  Really, if you oppose/support one issue, you should feel the same about the other issue.