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Run Away from Obese Bird Horder

20 Mar

I had a really random dream last night:

Cool and I were walking, and ended up in this really sketchy part of town that I am afraid of.  This part of town has shown up repeatedly in my dreams, and only since we moved to Spokane.  I think it must represent Spokane or maybe be a real place I saw once in Spokane.  Don’t get me wrong, Spokane is beautiful, but I have mixed feelings about it, because everywhere you go, you can see the economic struggle.  The trains tracks are all graffitied-up.  It’s hard to go even into a nice part of town without seeing a dilapidated house, boarded-up business, or remnants of a fire.  There is litter on streets, homeless and meth-ed out people about, and grubby kids anywhere.  Anyway, the dream place induces fear and paranoia.

We were walking fast trying to get through there and somehow (I don’t know

why) ended up sneaking into some horder’s house.  Maybe we had to go in to escape something/someone outside?  I don’t remember.  Anyway, It was an obese guy with a bunch of dark-colored birds.  I didn’t actually SEE the birds, but knew they were there (and large, dark in color).  And there was dust, seed, pieces of bedding, and feather bits everywhere.  I couldn’t breathe that well.

Almost as soon as Cool and I were inside (in a hallway when the obese home/bird owner was in the living room with door separating us) some real-estate lady (wearing a red suit jacket) or someone like that knocked on the door wanting a tour.  There was urgency as we knew we couldn’t get caught inside the horder’s house.

Cool and I were desperately trying to get out undetected, but we had to go out a different way then we had come in, since the guy and the lady’s tour started at the front door, and was getting progressively closer to where we were.  I was really scared, just of getting caught I guess.

We had to crawl out of some windows near the floor, and it felt all slow first crawling, then waiting for Cool to do the same.  There were 2 different windows.  When we got to the third, I could see the sidewalk of the sketchy street, and our final exit from the house.  But this window was small, and the obese guy and touring lady were RIGHT behind us, so we didn’t have time to take turns crawling.  And then some punk walking down the street saw us trying to open the window and crawl out and held it shut–just to be an a$$hole.

Luckily, there was a really small, window higher up, next to the window on the floor.  I was able to reach out and grab the “funny” guy’s sleeve and pull him toward me and away from the lower window allowing Cool to crawl out.  Then, the joker began crawling through the upper window toward me.  I hadn’t realized anyone could get through that one, and still had to escape the house before obese guy saw me in it, so I shoved the punk back through to the street and started climbling out telling him, “thank you, how can I ever thank you?”  And of course, this street hooligan assumed I was offering sexual favors, which I was not.

But before we had time to straighten it out, obese guy got into that particular room, saw the open windows and saw the street guy.  They began fighting each other and Cool and I ran, ran, ran.  I woke up coughing (from the bird dander?) and really frightened.