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21 Mar

Here’s a short and funny story about grammar and Facebook:  I wrote the title of this post (exactly as written) as a status update on Facebook.  Since I meant Cool, (as in my mate) got a job, I guess I should have included a comma.  And I suppose the all-caps was deceiving.  Cool looked like a superlative instead of a name.

People misconstrued what I said.  And I really got inundated with well-wishes.  People thinking I had gotten a job, apparently.  Even though my Facebook clearly says where I am employed (and have been since 10/10/10).  I’m not certain where people think I’m working now that I got this “job.”  I didn’t get in to vet school–that’s pretty evident from my updates–and even if I had it would have been four years until I would have gotten a job.  And I have most certainly not been unemployed all this time.  And if I was–let me tell you, my Facebook friends would have heard  a LOT  about that!

It just makes it all the more obvious that Facebook friends aren’t actual friends.  It’s nice that they wish me well–but they are SO out of touch with what’s actually going on with me.  If they really knew me they would be just as happy, because Cool, (empahsis on capital C for proper noun on comma) got a job!!!!!!!  She was unemployed for less then a week.  And this new job is not call-center work that she hates and that makes her super-anxious.  It isn’t customer service either.  It’s stalking shelves.  So she can be low-stress and get buffed out too.

I suspect it’s “the finger” (of God) at work.  I came home for my half day and Cool wasn’t here.  There had been no prior plans so I didn’t know what the eff.  I guess the job called her TODAY, interviewed her TODAY, and hired her TODAY.and she’s been unemployed.  It was awesome, because, truly, Cool and I were going to be absolutely screwed if she was without an income for long.  She would have had to move in with her Mommy to pay her bills.  MY bills would have doubled, and I would not have been able to continue with school.  It would have been the end of US.  So I’m glad things worked out.  And fast.