Obligatory Hiatus

22 Mar

I am stressed!  And I was all day–poor Cool.  And it was her happiest mood of the year.  No kidding, she keeps track of these things.  I did not rest well last night, and when I did manage to sleep it was all horror-dreams about horrid work days.

I have an exam next Thursday, a stressful next four days at work with Dr. Noncommunication (maybe this will be the nickname I settle on?), and a big semester project due very soon.  Not to mention EVERY person at work going on vacation next month, meaning I have to forgo normal time off–there will be a blog-pause.

Even though I have a ton of great ideas in que.  We’re talking one about a pet-peeve, some scholarship starts, a great idea, and even some physics.  BUT I really cannot waste ANY time.  It’s sleep, hygiene, food, work, studying, and other neccessary pursuits only for me.  For an unknown amount of time.  However long it takes to get that A+ in school, keep my job (and make loads of extra cash), and hopefully sleep.

So look up some history, click on the tag-cloud, do a search.  There are over 500 past posts to keep you busy while I’m buckling down hard-core.  I’ll be back as soon as I’m not insane.

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