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Who Wants a MORE Difficult Exam?

30 Mar

Well, I guess I do.

I NEVER once felt this way in undergrad.  If a test was easier than I had anticipated, I was mostly thankful.  But to be fair, I never had adequate preperation time in undergrad.  I ALWAYS had to work at Noah’s Ark so much extra that attending all my classes and their associated labs was a feat in itself.  Studying or reading were, well, brief.  To say the least.  But now?  I HAVE to make time.  There’s a lot at stake, and I am determined not to put work first and repeat those patterns, only to end up.  Here again.

I have to say I was a little. . .  Mad(?) when I saw Exam #2.  It was just. . .  easy, simple, abridged.  Our instructor had handed us 3 pages (front and back) the class session before the exam and told us to know them (at the last minute!).  So I learned them to the point I could write out the pages from memory–just as she had typed them.  Plus, all the other info from exam 1 (all our exams are comprehensive) and the class notes that were supposed to be tested.

And this was no easy feat–especially with my work schedule.  I was kept at work, sometimes scrubbing walls because there were slow moments/hours.  I suspect our bitchy receptionist manipulated the schedule in order to keep me at work (Saturday, Tuesday afternoon and evening and late on Wednesday), but I guess that’s a story for another post.   We had the vet that makes me crazy too, and there are many posts stemming from that to come.

I was waking up at 5 AM and studying up until it was time to get ready for work.  I would come home from stressful days at work.  And Study.  Which is the last thing I like to do after a hard day.  I had to forgo my normal Wii-Fit routine, which I hated.  I missed out on Sunday’s beautiful 65 degree weather, because I had to be inside studying.  I missed out on ANY fun on my half day and the entire morning off from work was spent.  Studying.  You get the picture–I worked hard.

So when the exam had 5 short blanks that said something like, give one piece of info for each stage, when just one stage looked something like this:

Stage 5–> 10 mo & up–> jargon w/intonation, rhythm, and pausing–> vocoids (vowel-like segments)–>13-14 mo–>/E, I, ^/–> contoids (consonant-like segmants)–> /b,t,d,g,m,h,w/

You can see that’s at least seven pieces of info.  Add four more stages and you can see how much info was NOT tested.  And that was just one page of information, not included in the 3 last minute pages.  Well, you can see why I’m annoyed that I wasted time learning it when any fool could guess the correct answer.

Don’t get my wrong, I’m glad I know all the info on the exam, because I WANT the A+ in this class–I just wish I could un-do some of my studying.  You just can’t get that time/stress/annoyance with work/brain-space back.  Sigh–can I EVER catch a break?  Either I’m under-prepared and bomb tests (one of the WORST feelings in the world) or I study enough and the test turns out to be. . .  Easy.