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Dammit! Brandi Carlile is Killing Me!

28 Apr

With all of these close-calls.

First, I leave her Spokane concert early–in favor of NOT having a miserable work day Friday (the next day). Never again. I repeat for great emphasis–NEVER AGAIN!  The repetition serves to get it through my thick head that jobs do not care about me after they’ve used me up–so don’t make them my priority–especially concerning Ms. Carlile.  Maybe I’m finally beginning to learn.  Maybe. . .  I will never again leave a concert early–regret, regret, regret!  I totally wish I could have been the type of person who was like “Screw work, who cares it’s JUST a job, I don’t need sleep, and I don’t need to be functional at work.”  But I was not.  I left the concert early–and a chance to get an autograph because word has it of course Brandi walked around the audience after singing.  Of course–that is my luck.  I leave early and this is what happens. . .

Then, Brandi went to Seattle–in driving distance and in proximity to free lodging for us. Then, she was in Reno/Tahoe–where I am from.  Where my parents would love to see us and give us a place to stay for free.  But both during the winter holidays when other people at work were off. Do you notice a theme here?  Work ruins my LIFE!  Gah–I’m sure everyone feels that way, but it’s annoying.

And now Brandi has gone to Missouri–where I have a lot of connections and want to visit–3 to 4 times.  Three or four!  Why does she torture me? And she is touring Colorado, which is the same visit-wish-list story as Missouri.  But all on days I could never make work.  And at fees that would also not be ideal/practical for us.

And she is doing some shows with Dave Matthews this summer–but of course not the show I have tickets for. That is also my luck.  My DMB show is right next to Brandi’s home, during a summer when they are performing shows together–and yet. . .  Nope, not mine.  I have written both parties to let them know it is imperative they perform together at The Gorge.  We will see if they heed my request. . .  I have doubts.

And then, I see she is doing another show with Seattle Symphony Orestra–in Seattle.  Which would be amazing–and my first legit symphony experience. And it’s during my Thanksgiving break from school, and Cool’s mom would just kill to have us visit during a holiday (or at all). As a matter of fact, she might just kill me for “keeping her daughter away from her.”  But alas, Facebook only decided to tell me about the show a full month and a half after tickets went on sale.

As a side-note, why does Facebook inundate me with the same repetitive posts from the same slim group of friends, but hides people outside of that group?  And forget about seeing updates from things I’ve “liked,” such as new concert dates, give-aways, and so on.  And there is no fixing the scene because Facebook is super-sketch.  Again–I liked Myspace SO much better!!!!  But you have to go where the people are–so I’m dealing around with “The Sketch Book” *sigh* So again, after a close-call, I have missed out.

Brandi! I NEED to see an entire concert of yours. When will this happen–I am going crazy.

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81 More Days

24 Apr

Until my birthday!  And it’s never too early to plan.

Yeah, I should totally be studying right now–instead of editing and posting this blog (I wrote it Sunday).  But I woke up felling really tired.  And I wanted to 1) avoid (just for a minute!) my school notes and 2) Wake up a little bit before trying to cram information in my head.

I don’t know how many birthdays I have celebrated in Montana.  birth-4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, almost 28–I guess almost half of them.  And the other half were probably at Lake Tahoe.  With a little Phoenix (3 years?) and Seattle in there.  And birthday in Montana is not really a THING.  We just visited extended family every other year when I was growing up.  And my mom got summers off, so that’s when we’d go.  And my birthday is in the middle of summer.  So there you have it.

THIS year, I used vacation days in addition to my day off and Independence Day holiday to get Tuesday July 3rd afternoon through Sunday July 8th off.  And Wanting to GO somewhere, but having limited funds, we are off to Montana for at least a part of that–depending on how much time off Cool can get.  Montana, because it’s cheaper then Seattle–and slightly closer.  Though we could have chosen The German, I suppose.  But that’s good for short trips since we would have to pay to stay the night there.

It’s too bad my parents can no longer come along to Montana.  That would have been perfect–stupid, expensive roof.  But maybe Uncle Howard and Aunt Linda can come.  Aunt Linda is a good-time girl.  Either way, Cool and I make our own fun.  And we will make sure to have directions and stuff ahead of time this year since cell phones apparently don’t work at all in the whole state.

I will stay with family (for free), go to pow wow (of course) and we want to go to Glacier National Park and a brewery–maybe the Tamarack?  It will be awesome.  I haven’t been to Glacier since I was little, and I don’t think Cool’s ever gone.  Bison Range was ah-mazing with Cool, and we got super pictures, so Glacier should be equally as awesome.  Maybe some of my Aunts and Uncles can even go. . .  And I’ve never been of-age to be able to go to a MT Brewery, and they looked really cute when we drove by last year.  And the Tamarack has an outdoor patio (which I love) with a fire pit and heaters–cause I’m always cold and bug-bit in MT.  And I always love pow wow–we’ll just go later in the day and earlier in the weekend this time.  Everyone was partied out and sold out by the time we got there last year.  So exciting birthday times WILL be had!

29–it sounds weird to say.  I feel like I’m still 27, because there is never a call to SAY aloud how old you are after about 24 years of age. . .  And because going to Elemental and eating like Frasier was the epitomy of all birthdays.  I guess in my mind I stopped growing older after that.  But this year is certain to me great in a different way.

Learning Style

23 Apr

You can tell from the following how busy I am, and how tired of the sleep–>study–>work–>sleep that is my life right now.  This post is kind of all over the place–sorry ’bout that.  But I suppose it proves my point of what learning style I am–and provides you some entertaining reading material.  Just 10 more days until my big final.  And only 3 until work returns to normal.  So it can’t be too much longer until my posts become more consistent.  I can do it!

You’ve probably heard that there are different learning styles.  Anyone trying to educate knows to accommodate visual and auditory learners.  But did you know there’s a third learning style?  It’s kinesthetic/tactile.  Ugh–does anyone know how to spell that word?  It shows my point exactly.  No one knows how to spell it, because it is the forgotten one–learning based on movement.

And in all my years of schooling, I never realized that was my style.  I knew I wasn’t really an auditory learner.  And visual fit me only so much.  In my younger years I HATED (boring, tedious, detail-oriented, dry, slow) math so much that I didn’t realize the act of writing down and solving problems was actually the best way for me to remember how to do them.  And I was so busy writing out physics, biochem, genetics kind of stuff (in front of the TV no less) that I didn’t know it was the act of physically writing the information that was helping me test so well in those subjects.

It was my own animal anatomy self-study (for vet school at Saint George’s) that first clued me partially into the act of writing and drawing the info to recall it better.  I found that staring at pictures and labels was not all that helpful–especially when there was such a high volume of material!  I did better if I looked at the labeled picture, and then tried to draw it from memory.  And then “corrected” my own picture.  I could visualize my own labeled pictures and remember the corrections much more readily than any notes I was looking at.  But I still wasn’t really clued in to my learning style because I didn’t know it existed.

The GRE demanded writing a lot of things out, so that didn’t really clue me in either.  It was this current class that really got me thinking.  I read my notes, then re-wrote them from memory.  Which also helped the pesky problem of order and organization of notes.  In undergrad, it would seriously bother me if my professor (practically every animal science prof!) just jotted notes all sloppy, or skipped around in information, or forced me to cross things out or draw arrows to forgotten info, all ugly.  I could barely LOOK at such sloppy notes, let alone study them.  And sometimes I would re-copy them, but never from memory–just look at the ugly, and write them neater.  I guess a little OCD snuck in there to impede me every now and again.

In this particular class, there were no pictures to know and no problems to solve.  It didn’t require writing anything out at all, and it was the first time I had studied this way.  And it was sooooooooo much easier.  Not to mention my notes are organized in a way I like, and look nice too.  When I mentioned to my mom (best teacher in the world) that the physical act of writing things seemed to help me learn best, she said that was a kinethetic learning style.  I guess she’d known of it all along.

I tried to take some learning style quizzes online to confirm this, but the results aren’t all that accurate.  Mostly because I’m also an introvert with an attention span.  I guess most kinesthetic learners can’t hold still, aren’t able to pay attention, and like a lot of group work.  And they prefer to mulitask, listen to music while they learn, or otherwise pull their brain in another direction.  The last totally describes me, but the other factors really don’t.  But I know I’m a kinesthetic learner.  And I guess it makes sense–I don’t think I act out (maybe I did when I was younger?) but I would hate to be chained to a desk all day.  I like sports and being active.  My best memories of school were when we got to go outside to read or of doing creative projects.  And though I have always talked too much, I never have liked group work.  When it comes to my grades–I want to be in control of them, not dependent on other people–especially in college!  Blending 2 busy schedules?  Nearly impossible.

Tactile learning is the most random, underrepresented, and un-accomodated type too–of course.  I only wish I had known this when I took a billion chemistry credits (stupid reagents) or for animal nutrition (a class I should have done way better in, because I am very interested in the subject matter).

There are 3 learning style catagories, each scored 12-60 points.

Visual = 36

Auditory = 33

Kinethetic/Tactile = 37

That’s all–back to studying. . .  Maybe a new post soon.


22 Apr

This happened last Friday or Thursday night.  I just didn’t have time to post it until now. . .

I was having a dream and suddenly, the location in the dream changed to an indoor swimming pool. There were rich people sitting around in their pool, while MY people had their utilities turned off. Since the rich people had a hand in turning off our utilities, I walked in their to demand a functional pool for us (I’m not sure who was in my group). The rich people in the pool did not care and acted like there was no problem.

I got heated, trying to stand up for my pool rights. I ended up using my foot to splash water in someone’s face. I did not note a temperature to the water.  Then, two of the younger guys grabbed me by the arms and pulled me under water. I hadn’t had time to prepare by filling my lungs with air, and started to panic.   As they pulled me by the arms, down, down, down, I could see gray water, the color of Washington’s sky, swishing past me.  They swam down, down, even further and I had NO air, and was going to have to breathe in soon. I knew if I did I would drown since it only takes a teaspoon of water in your lungs. . .

I woke up on my stomach (my normal position of comfortable sleep) and was actually struggling to breathe. I don’t know if I began having the dream because in real life I was having some sort of apnea, paralysis, or heart problem–or if the dream panic bled over into real life causing me breathing problems. . .  Either way it was scary.

Here’s what dream dictionary says about water, pools, and drowning:

To see water in your dream symbolizes your subconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment.  To dream that you are swimming underwater suggests that you are completely submerged in your own feelings. You are forcing yourself to deal with your subconscious emotions.

To see a swimming pool in your dream symbolizes relaxation, calmness, luxury and ease. You need to take a break. Alternatively, a swimming pool suggests that you need to acknowledge and understand your feelings. It is time to dive in and deal with those emotions. You need to cleanse yourself and wash away past hurts. Consider the depth of the pool. If you were swimming on the deep end, then it means that those emotions are deeply seeded and may be harder to confront. You will need to work through it, no more matter how difficult. If you are swimming on the shallow end, then it implies that you should be able to easily deal with your feelings.

To dream that you are drowning indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Repressed issues may be coming back to haunt you. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your subconscious thoughts. You should proceed more cautiously and slowly. If you drown to death, then is refers to an emotional rebirth. If you survive the drowning, then it means that a waking relationship or situation will ultimately survive the turmoil.

Trampled by Turtles

16 Apr

Mostly I just wanted to write the title of this blog (and post awesome turtle pics), I don’t have all that much to say today.

Other then I’m tired, and dreading the next two weeks.  The vets traded days (again) so my next two ought to be especially horrible, then I lose my half day this Wednesday and next since our tech is on vacation, I’m studying for my (still!) TBA comprehensive final, and finishing my last big school project.  Not very fun-times.  Maybe I’ll get a massage in May using the extra money I’ll make working to cover the tech’s schedule.

The post title is a new CD by some band I can’t remember.  It was featured on a Spotify ad, but I was busy with school stuff so I didn’t check it out at the time.  Anyway, love the title, and want a tee shirt that says that slogan.

So good luck to me.  May the works days be painfully, tediously slow until May, and please give me patience with my co-workers and the doctors, much energy through the end of the month, and the motivation to put an extraordinary effort into school.  As an aside–the posts may be spotty to non-existent until May.  That.  Is.  All.

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The Teeth and Claw

15 Apr

Insubordinate is I guess what you’d have to call me.  Though normally I am a rule follower.  Even if I don’t understand WHY the rule is in place.  Even if I don’t agree with the rule.  I’ll do it–because I’m supposed to.

But going to the doctor for cat scratches or even bites?  Unless they are really bad (as judged be me and my pain level) I just don’t see it as a worthwhile thing to do anymore.  Plus, I’m fully vaccinated-tetanus and rabies included–so I’m not concerned in that way about bites/scratches.  Side-note:  And the pictures never turn out as dramatic as the injury appears in person, as you can see.  Maybe that will be my deciding-factor.  If the pictures conveys a gruesome injury–it’s time to seek medical attention.  Back to topic:  And I totally get that the vets are legally, professionally, and morally obligated as well as probably legit concerned to send me to get medical treatment if I’m ripped apart by a cat.

I’ve gone to urgent care or emergency at every job I’ve ever had (barring Emergency, ironically) so I know just what will happen:

First, I will wait an extraordinarily long time.

Then, I’ll have to do a LOT of paperwork.  And answer a lot of the same questions again.  And another time.  I will also have to make up some story about how the injury happened.  A lot of private small businesses don’t want to pay out of workers comp, preferring to either reimburse you later, just have you pay, or have you utilize the insurance they give you.  And of course this is never discussed prior to an injury.

After the waiting, the paperwork, the lies, and of course more waiting.  Some nurse/assistant/orderly/janitor will come into your room.  They will gingerly/harshly and possibly clumsily clean the wounds with some iodine solution or chlorhexidine–which is of course the FIRST thing I do when I have a compromise in my skin.

Then, there may or may not be a bandage or wrap applied–depending how busy the person sent in is at the time and how competent they are at the job.

Next, more waiting.

Finally, a doctor will come in, maybe glance at the wound, maybe not.  The doctor definitively won’t touch you.  Not ever.  Also, they will minimize your injury.  Doctor tells you to take antibiotics.  When I say they make me nauseous, Doctor will explain to take them with food.  When I say I do and they STILL make me nauseous, the antibiotics might be cocktailed with some sort of belly-soother.  Or not.  Either way, I won’t end up taking the whole course–either because they really do a number on my belly or out of sheer laziness.

The whole thing will take from two to five hours when all is said and done.  And cost much more then anyone wants to pay.  And I could have done what they did at home.  for free.  And in much less time.  Which is why, I did not go seek medical treatment for little scratches and maybe a couple of bites–on a Saturday.  No.  Just call me non-compliant.

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Sacrifice Your Body!

14 Apr

That’s my brain talking to me, by the way, not some crazed coach or hard-core employer or anything like that.  I’m beginning to wonder if I have some electricity, electromagnetic force, radioactive force field, maybe a wildly colored aura (like my mom supposedly has) or something like that. . .

Two cats in the last two days went wildly ballistic in dramatic fashion with no warning.  I was restraining both at the time of the explosion and through the resultant teeth and claw yo-yo.  Honestly, I am slow to let go of a fractious cat because all these bad scenarios run through my head.  What if kitty bites or scratches someone else after I’ve let it go?  What if kitty runs somewhere and we can’t find it or get it out?  What if the cat tries to get away and is hurt by something (dogs, needles, loose drugs, insert anything here__________) in the hospital?  What if the kitty gets away from me then runs out a door and gets outside, where a lot of really bad things could happen?  So I end up holding/juggling the cats until they either calm back down or someone hands me a glove/towels/carrier.  And I have to say I’m a pretty good cat wrangler.  I have pretty fast hands I would say.  And I’m able to anticipate their actions a lot of the time.  It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the job–a LOT of people are scared of the sharp ends of cats.

The first explosive cat HATES to be pilled.  The vet was giving a series of three oral meds, while I was holding feet down.  The kitty didn’t like it, but it was nothing I haven’t seen before–just drooling, tucking the head, trying to spit the pills back up, and attempts to scratch-per the usual.  Then, suddenly, the cat began flying off the counter, trying to hit the ceiling.  I was trying to push it back down and get it back under control so there was a comical (after the fact) kitty “dribbling” (as in basket ball) effect.  Turns out the cat got stressed over the medicating and began to panic due to respiratory distress.  I’d panic too if I couldn’t breathe for any length of time.

Today, same vet and I had to take an x-ray of a tri-color (read-notoriously naughty) cat that had inappetance for two or so days.  Sure, the kitty has tried to give the teeth and claw in the exam room when the vet tried to look in the mouth or palpate the abdomen.  But nothing that even warranted towel or gloves.  So we’ve got the cat lieing on it’s side for the radiograph and I rev the foot pedal, and kitty loses it.  Working with cats, I know this will happen more often then not (cats HATE that noise) and I aborted clicking.  Usually when the extra noise stops, so does the cat’s freak out.  Not this buddy.  I was still somehow holding the kitty as it went hysterical.  I did not want it to get back behind the x-ray stuff as it is a nightmare to try to get cats back out of there.  I’ve had to spend 45 minutes on a busy Friday trying to disentangle a cat from the narrow place between the x-ray table and wall, and I wanted no part of that on a Saturday.  Finally, the cat (or I?) released and it flew toward the door–which luckily, I had closed on my way into the processor room.  The cat looked like it was having a bad trip:  Eyes wide, jumping as if some imaginary attacker were after it, jumping high into the corner.  Maybe it got into some toxin and started having some hallucination right then?

Anyway, no warning.  For either, and that is very unusual.  You will usually at the very least feel a cat tense up when it’s getting ready to ramp up.  Or there will be body language of some sort.  But with these two–not really any warning for such severe reactions.  And of course, my hands are all effed up.  More on that in the next installment.

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Wii and Bee

13 Apr

That’s beer–in the language that evolved for our cats. Chair = Chay; tail = tay; she = see. Does anyone else do that? I’ll find myself using the Meow-eeze language with real people and they look at me as if I’m crazy. Now that I’m in Speech & Hearing Sciences this type of creativeness/butchoring is probably not all that acceptable. . .

This isn’t a post about the language of cats though. I thought it was an appropriate post for a Friday night.  Well, it’s not like I get Saturdays off or anything, but it seems the world sees Friday as a fun night.  So I’m going with it.

This is my observation of how quickly alcohol can compromise your (at least mine and Cool’s) motor skills. After just 3/4 of a beer, I won’t be able to do the one-footed Wii-Yoga poses or single-foot Wii-strength exercises anymore.  This isn’t to say that I’m not plenty shaky at the one-footers stone sober, but things get dramatically worse once I’ve had ANY alcohol.  I never knew before, but even after one beer I would difinitity NOT pass the physical sobriety test.

I find this VERY scary, and really relevant to buzzed/drunk driving.  A lot of people seem to think just one beer does not impair them enough to forgo driving home.  And I’ve heard plenty of really fucking stupid-ass people say being drunk makes them drive better.  Like I said, really dumb.  And obviously not true.  It’s those idiots that are going to kill other, innocent drivers.  But I hope not.

But this post isn’t aimed at knowingly belligerently drunk people.  This is aimed at anyone and everyone who says–“I’ve had just one.”  “It’s ONLY beer.”  “Oh, my last drink was more than an hour ago.”  Or–“Well I ate a big meal with the alcohol.”  The implication–I’m OK enough to drive.  These are scary misconceptions.  Even a partial beer can impair motor skills enough that you should not operate heavy equipment.  So you already know it, you’re heard it over and over, but honestly there is NO safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed prior to driving.  Zero.

Or I suppose do some vigorous exercise first.  That is the ONLY proven way to sober up.  Exercise speeds your metabolism and works the alcohol through your system faster.  And all other science-ee, technical nutritional and health factoids that I’m too lazy to check my facts on or write out.  But you would really have to sweat it out for that to work. . .

And Some Good

12 Apr

After such a bad, ugly, and annoying start to the day, I wanted to write a quick update to the afternoon.

It went well-I LOVE school!

My semster long, huge project was due today.  It was this resource notebook which included handouts for the significant others of patients with speech sound problems.  As sort of interactive homework ideas.  Another part was the articulation tool summaries.  And we had to include typed pages outlining every step of the comprehensive intervention hierarchy for both children and adults.  We had to summarize, outline, type, and include examples of three different types of therapy approaches, and we had to write details of a diverse lingusitic population, dialect, or bilingual population (mine was Appalachian and Ozark English) with descriptions of their speech characteristics, ways to approach intervention, and a works cited page.

Anyway, I probably didn’t have to go into that much detail just now–but since I typed it, just go with it.  The point is–I worked really, really hard on mine.  My instructor told me I was a very conscientious student!  And when I saw what the rest of the class turned in I suspect my resource notebook is one of the best!  Hopefully, the content is worthy of an A+

Now, I just have one more BIG project and a TBA comprehensive final.  So I’m still stressed, but everything is coming to an end.  And Right now I have a 95.6% in the class–which is JUST an A+.  Now, to keep it.

And I just talked to my (nice) adviser, and she said I was a highly motivated student and had excellent work ethic.  She was trying to convince me to go for the SLP masters at Riverpoint, and said I’m officially part of “the cohort” and I’ll be all set up for the grad program.  She was telling me I could use my medical background to work with some sort of barium-swallowing-radiology kinds of studies, or work with adults with motor impairment, or go in a number of different directions.  Then, I could go for the AuD.  There’s no reason I can’t do both.  Or apply to both simultaneously and see which pans out.  I also turned in all my overabundance of financial aid paperwork to my adviser today, which also took a lot of running about, copying, and headache, but THAT’S finished too.  And I’m about to sign up for fall classes.

Everything school-related is good 😀

Lessons Learned (turned into frustrated rant)

12 Apr

Maybe the wrong one in a perfect world, but the system is flawed.

100% True Statement:  I worked my A$$ off for veterinary hospitals all my (employed) life.

Go ahead, click on my blog’s search bar or in these tags.  Type in DVVH to see how hard I worked–and gave my life to that hospital, only to have my boss/former-mentor go through a midlife crises and refuse to write me ANY letter for my veterinary application.  I guess if you catch your closeted boss cheating on her wife with your hairdresser (and a mother of 3), hostility will ensue.  In Seattle, I volunteered for the weekend kennel duties that no one else wanted to do.  At my current job, I, at first, took the cleaning position (impossible to fill) that was set up for off hours.  And type in Noah’s Ark to get an idea of the crazy schedule I worked for 6 years.  And an idea of how shitty some of my coworkers–and the younger vets–were.  And how those same co-workers are finishing up vet school right now.

My first nine-ten years as a veterinary assistant, I was always the first to volunteer to work weekends and holidays.  I ALWAYS worked extra when the hospital needed it.  I understand the value of teamwork, and knew the position the veterinary business-owners were in.  I knew I should look at the bigger picture.  Every time some flake quit and we were short-staffed, or someone refused to do a bit extra for the good of the business and the good of their co-workers, or if the schedule got overbooked and overwhelmed–I stepped up.  I was always one going above and beyond.

Though, I hardly ever got anything out of this (extra money, bonus pay/trinkets, make-up time off, put on the “good-list”) I looked ahead.  Back then, it was enough to know that in the end all the effort and sacrifice would be worth it–I would realize my dream of being a vet.  One day, I would make my OWN rules.  And they would be superior.  MY hospital would not have these same problems, because I lived through them as a grunt.  I did the hard work so I knew I was bound to reap all the benefits.

Vet school admissions did not care. Instead they rewarded my flaky, absentee, and dead-beat co-workers who only sort of worked. My hard work got me nothing but tired, bitter, in debt (low pay, high school loans) and rejected from veterinary school.  As a matter of fact, I would blame a lot of the extra working and stepping up for my lack of 4.0 GPA that got me HERE.  “Here,” being 28 years old, paying impossibly high undergrad loans, in a dead-end job with low pay/high stress, in SpoCompton, and starting over from the very beginning on a new career.

Lesson 1:  Loyalty and dedication will get you–nowhere.

Since my dream has alluded me, I am much more wise to the cost-benefit scenario.  Which is why I just refuse to let the vet hospital I work for right now (or any vet hospital ever again) to use me up.  When it comes down to it people are going to look after their own self interests.  This is not good or bad necessarily–just human nature.  As long as your boss isn’t directly affected by a short staff or tasks undone, they don’t care if the work-load is unequal.  They will approach the weaker links and guilt them into doing more then normal, in the name of trust and respect.

Lesson 2:  The employees that go above and beyond, work hard, help extra, get things done fast–are exploited.  

Fact A)  If you are lazy, adhere strictly to your schedule, refuse to trade or accommodate others:  The boss will stop asking you to do so.  Sure they see it as not trusting/respecting/depending on you, but in effect–you are rewarded, by NOT having to do any more then the bare minimum to keep your job.

Example A)  People that went on, or are going to go on, vacation are complaining about working extra when it is someone else’s turn for vacation.  To amend this Employer, first, uses snide comments to employee with impending day off.  Secondly, tries guilting employee to get them to work MORE than the previously discussed extra days.  Third, tells whiny employees to call co-worker into work on their (my) day off.  And I’m certain, finally gives the cold-shoulder to “lazy” employee who had the audacity to take their normal day off while someone else was on vacation.

As a side-note:  I DID go in to work on my day off.  It didn’t sit well either because I was the first employee there on the “crazy-busy day.”  There were 4 hospitalized cats.  The schedule showed one dental, then 3 appointments starting late morning–one was a recheck and one was a simple drain removal.  Ummm–I suppose “crazy-busy” is subjective.  The tech pretended she didn’t even have a CLUE I was called into work.  Until the other co-worker came in, and she said, “she did get your message” and I knew that at least those two had discussed my coming in.  And everyone acted like–you should be here, not thankful in the least.  One of our doctors called and my co-worker said, “She did show up.”  *insert snarky tone* So I knew my boss and all my co-workers had been conspiring against me, and looking down on me for (intending on) taking my normal time off.  Anyway, I cleaned all the cages, started laundry, and finished setting up for the only procedure of the morning–by myself.  Then, the answering machine was checked and the dental had cancelled.  So I had come in (out of guilt) on my day off, to clean 4 cages and start laundry. . .  The tech said, “Aren’t we lucky?!”  Then looked at me and said, “Well you’re probably wondering why you’re here now.”  And I said, “Somebody is lucky, but I don’t think I’m a part of that ‘we.'”  And I just left then and there.  What a waste of gas.

Which brings me back to my point of everyone only looking out for themselves.  So the employer LET everyone go on vacation during the same month.  When you approved simultaneous vacations, you made a conscious choice–I had no part in that decision, so I should have no part in that decision’s consequences either.  Not my fault, so it shouldn’t be my problem.  Maybe the boss should have come in on HER day off to help clean cages and start laundry?  Why should I (or anyone else) have to forgo their normal time off?  What do I GET out of it?  You shouldn’t offer vacation time if you have no back-up plan, anyway.  If you can’t schedule accordingly or have a substitute when people are absent, let people TRADE for strings of days off.  If the tech wants days A, B, and C off she could trade the assistant for days D, E, and F.  And it’s up to those two to work out which days work for both of them (with employer approval of course).  No day is left short, and two people have taken strings of days off.  Winning.

Fact B)  It’s true, when it comes right down to it co-workers are going to look after their own schedule, make sure their own vacations are plausible, and do however much, however fast they are comfortable with, no matter the burden on you, the business, and everybody else.

Example B)  So you want Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday off (just for the summer!) and want me to give up my Thursday-day-off to accommodate YOU?  And you had the worst timing ever, asking during the short-staffed month, when semester projects and finals are impending for school.  Honestly, what kind of reaction were you expecting during this time of high stress???  This is not a mutually beneficial scenario.  Not only did I apply for all my vacation time so it is expanded by my day and a half off, but I am still the ONLY employee to work every Saturday.  WHY IS EVERYONE, BOSS INCLUDED, SO QUICK TO FORGET THAT?!  In addition, I would still have to fight (see previous sentence) to get my half day off–every friggin’ week.  People, I have a weekly half day off because I work all Saturdays.  All. Of. Them.

AND trading days off with you would then get put smack dab in the middle of a week–which sucks.  Wednesday only works for you, because you already have TWO full days off, and every other Saturday off (a better schedule then my current one).  And, worst of all if I traded around with you I would have to work with Dr.  “Makes me effing crazy.”  Three.  Days.  In.  A.  Row on some weeks.  I would have to be institutionalized.  Serious–no exaggeration.  My answer is N-O, and I think it was disrespectful and selfish for you to even ask me and then for you to act chilly toward me when I gave you my honest reason for not wanting to.  And why put it all on me anyway?  Ask the receptionist to work out an A and B schedule with you–since you two already rotate Saturdays.  If you offered to work some of her Fridays so she could have Friday through Monday off every other week, things might work out well for BOTH of you.  I don’t need to be involved at all.

I can compromise.  Compromise being doing something I don’t really love, in exchange for getting something back–that the other party may not love.  I can compromise.  And I will.  But I’m no longer going to put myself in a lose-lose position.  I will mentally run a cost-benefit and fairness analysis first.

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