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Money Wish List

2 Apr

You know how when you are saving up for something really big, and really important, how suddenly your wish list grows exponentially?  Maybe it’s your mind rushing to gratify itself. . .  What an awful, tortuous trick!  Lately, because I’ve been putting tons of thought into how I can make part-time work and school pan out, I have been WANTING.  I could just name about a hundred places where the money could/should be going.  So in the interest in delaying gratification, and being completely responsible and thinking about my future, and all of that UN-fun stuff, I attempted a list of things I want.  For when money isn’t so tight (this HAS to happen eventually, right???) in very future times.  And so I don’t forget about all the things I’ve been wanting lately.  This post is mostly for my future-use, but feel free to peruse. . .  And any donations–just kidding. . .  But seriously, if you are independently wealthy–you are welcome to donate to me 😉



pay off Care Credit-wisdom teeth

pay off Visa–leftover tuition

pay off undergrad loans- ha ha ha.


-ability to work part-time!!!

-ability to pay tuition


better quality binder or 2–my current one is already in pieces


-fix Rusty’s windows so I can roll them down

-get Rusty a tune up

-Change Rusty’s oil

-seat covers

-mirror for visor

Moving Items (this WILL happen!)

-plane ticket/gas money to NV?  To clean out storage.

-plane ticket x2 to Colorado–so we can scope it out and stuff before actually moving there.

-money for deposit, 1st, & last at apt that accepts (hopefully 3) cats

-money for gas/U-Haul +/- flight(s) to actually move the belongings = ugh, THE worst!

-no less then 3 months of bill money–b/c moving is scary

Pure Wants:

Clothing Items-

-new industrial jewelry

-pole vault shirt–with funny saying

-gulashes (for rain ie Washington walking)

-cute match-e-match sweats (sports team, school, V.S.) that I can wear in public/sports

-some sort of waterproof/resistant spring coat–because I wear my heavy winter jacket for spring rain.

-legit swimsuit–for (now very) future triathlon training


-Books/DVDs/Music–>unlimited, continual wants (see Amazon wishlist)

-fire-proof safe

-cat tree

-whimsical painting

-eventual condo loft w/recycled glass countertops


-laser eye surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-glasses frames if above isn’t possible in a timely fashion

-my annual dental cleaning–I’ve been putting this off, b/c I just don’t want to know/worry about the scene. . .

-laser off future varicose veins (cause I’m just positive I will get some)–and the mark on neck while I’m at it + any cellulite/stretch marks I may have developed by then.  Obviously, this is also in a very, very-future time