3 Apr

That’s right–this word is so cool that I am dedicating an entire (short) post to it.  I like that it starts with a vowel.  And how can you go wrong with a word that contains the letter”V”?

As a side-note, I’m pretty sure question marks are the only punctuation that don’t automatically go inside quotation marks.  True?  I’m pretty sure it depends if whatever you have enclosed in quotes is the question, or if the sentence, which happens to contain something in quotes, is the question.  Wait–is the exclamation this way too?  I can never remember so I try to never use quotation marks and the exclamation point at the end of the sentence–just to avoid that scene.

You, my readers are probably thinking–why is there some random paragraph on grammar?  She obviously doesn’t know/care, because I see about a thousand errors every time I read these posts.  True.  But not because I don’t know.  I type using the hunt & peck method.  And I’m FAST at it.  But because I’m looking at my fingers rather then the screen, I miss some stuff.  Also, I’m just a really, really lazy editor–in my blog.  I write in here to get things off my chest, and editing just has no place in that process.  So deal.  You don’t mind that much anyway though–you can get the gist.

Anyhow, I’ve gotten off on some sort of grammar tangent, when I am trying to praise “effervescent.”  There is a nice variety of letters, and even another word inside, “scent.”  The formal definition (I happened to find) is:

effervescent  (ˌɛfəˈvɛs ə nt)
— adj
1. (of a liquid) giving off bubbles of gas; bubbling
2. high-spirited; vivacious

Translation:  Vivacious, gay, lively, and sparkling.  All things I like.  And I always like effervescent because it’s fun to say, and it makes me think of bubbles.  And who doesn’t love anything this fizzes or bubbles?

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