Labor DAVE Weekend (title stolen from a crazy DMB fan site)

4 Apr

I am SO excited–we have tickets (for actual seats, in section A, no less) to Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge this year.  Cool–a fan big enough that she’s actually MET Dave, bought the tiks prior to losing her job.  And after the previous DMB concert confusion and heart-break, this one needs to be outstanding.  Maybe I mentioned how we had tickets to the Gorge in 2010, arrived on Sunday for the show, and our tickets were for SATURDAY?  Yeah, it was traumatic.

In order to pre-game for the most wonderful concert experience, I am planning early.

Learn the Music:

I’m trying to figure out what my favorite songs (and their associated title-names) are and what versions of them I like most.  If you are not all that familier with DMB, you should know there are about 20,000 versions of each song.  And a billion songs.  So this is no small task.  Also, I am trying to memorize lyrics for better sing-a-long times at the concert.  As a second portion of this one, I am watching all the DMB concert DVDs to get into the spirit of the thing.

What to wear:

Layers so I don’t have to be cold for one second.  A (fire-dancer) beanie for when it gets dark and cold.  And closed-toe shoes to avoid dirty, stomped-on, or blistered feet.  Also, I want to look cute (obviously) but have a lot of pockets so I don’t have to carry anything.  Nothing is worse then setting down your debit card or keys for a second and forgetting them.  Also, carrying a bunch of stuff around for hours while trying to drink and dance is no good–I want hands free.

The Food:

I want to make filling and special snacks for the day, prior to entering concert grounds, and for afterwards.  Nothing ruins a good time like paying inflated prices for icky, unfilling foods.  Plus, I need to think about both hydrating and pre-gaming beverages so I don’t have to stand in long lines for pay high prices.

Entertainment (aside from the obvious):

I am seriously considering conducting a concert scavenger hunt contest.  Where Cool and I have a list of items likely to be found in an amphitheater.  I get annoyed pretty easily, and having a task and goal may be just the thing to distract me from other obnoxious fans.  Or maybe gathering one item from a bunch of random people.  Or taking along a notebook to get signatures and locations of people from as many far away places as possible.  Or have people write why they’re the biggest DMB fan of all.


We need to investigate probable camping areas or safe parking places.  I want a guaranteed–and hopefully free-place to setting into after the late night concert.  I don’t want to have to be driving around (or home) that late at night–when my normal bedtime is 8 PM.  Which makes me think we ought to prepare by slowly staying up later and later before the show too.

What else makes a concert experience go from OK to exceptional?  I need to think of potential pit-falls and try to avoid them, and try to think of awesome-time makers.  Help.

One Response to “Labor DAVE Weekend (title stolen from a crazy DMB fan site)”

  1. redgloam April 4, 2012 at 6:20 AM #

    I told you we can camp on the same road that feathers is on.

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