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6 Apr

A lot of people can be productive from sunrise, throughout the day, and way into the night.  They will do physical labor, study, clean, work, just DO for 16 hours a day.  And some people can get up at 5 AM and stay up until midnight or later.  I’m just not one of those people.

I need to have 9 hours of sleep to feel good.  If I get even one less hour, I feel tired.  Then, I get crabby.  And after a few nights of less then optimal sleep I WILL get sick.  Plus, I know that a consistent sleep schedule is imperative for health.  Sleep is under-rated.  I truely think I’m never hardly ever sick, usually energetic, and doing well because of my consistent sleep schedule.

I like to wake up 30-60 minutes before I start to get ready for the day.  I want to drink my coffee, read the news/blogs/Facebook, and wake up slowly.  It’s OK (though slightly less than optimal) if I have to sit and study–but nothing too strenuous or physical.  Getting up and jumping straight in the shower makes me feel even MORE  tired than I already am in the morning.

Scheduled activities?  30 hours a week would be ideal.  I’m pretty sure, though I’ve never been able to spend that little time on education/work singularly or together.  42 hours is too much, and makes me feel tired and grumpy.  Even 40 hours is pushing it.

I feel best when I can have a mental break and location change in the middle of the day.  Getting away from the hyper-productivity of work and school, going outside (or at least somewhere else), listening to music or reading a book, while eating something filling (key) rejuvenates me.

Wii-Fit.  Currently, I like to do some exercise after work.  It just helps me take my mind off the annoyances at work.  Getting my heart rate up makes me feel like I’m doing something healthy and probably gives me those good endorphin’s.  Or actual running.  Or anything that gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat.

And I need adequate time during the week for chores.  My apartment needs to be clean.  Groceries need to be purchased.  Laundry done.  Just a bunch of little things that start to add up and make life harder if they’re not done.

The most important part of a non-stressed attitude for me is my down-time at the end of the day.  Without it–I start to feel tired, worn down, and resentful at whatever is keeping me from relaxing at the end of the day.  I want to have 1-2 hours to relax before sleeping.  I feel best when I’m able to be in my most comfortable clothes (jammies), sit on my couch, and do something mindless and non-stressful.  If I can’t watch TV or a movie, internet, or read for awhile between work and sleep–I start to feel stressed.

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