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A Fair Shake

7 Apr

My posts make it sounds like I hate my job and everybody there.  This is not the case.

The frustration with this (and ANY) vet hospital is the culmination of 12 ish years getting a raw deal in assorted ways:

DVVH:  I was constantly told I was THE most dedicated employee who went above and beyond at my job, yet I didn’t get a raise for two and a half years–and then it was +0.30 cents above my minimum wage salary.  I worked all holidays–without any overtime pay.  We regularly stayed a minimum of an hour later then we were told.  We were regularly understaffed.

Noah’s Ark:  I was constantly making up for the negligence, in either attendance or competent work, of my co-workers (who then waltzed into vet school).  My schedule WORE.  Me.  Out.  Once, I worked over 30 days in a row (see hog blog).  I had to work a lot of hours all the time, every other Saturday and twice a day Sunday, and extra on every holiday.  I did take a couple of trips, missing work, during my employment, but I had to FIGHT to get them. . .  And endure being on the “bad list” before and after each of them.  Also, I ate my lunch on the run–pretty much as I was working–all 6 years.

Emergency:  Luckily, I worked only 2 days a week.  On these days, I worked (very short staffed) without a lunch OR dinner break for 12 hours straight.  When I say break, I don’t mean a legit sit down and stop working while I have a full-on meal or *gasp* leave the premesis, I mean any time at all even to grab something to eat.  They understaffed dramatically!  They would write my checks out for random amounts (always shorting me) so I had to keep an eye on my hours and regularly e-mail about getting more of my money.

Aurora:  We were over-scheduled to a point, that in order to do the expected daily cleaning tasks I would have to come in an hour early, after work closed (can’t mop when anyone is in the building!), or Sundays.  Lunches were always cut into, because they would schedule either vet or tech appointments right through that time.  I would be working my a$$ off while the “office manager” strutted around as a peacock, and the oldest employees (vets included) would play on their phones/internet.  We should have had enough staff, but if you only count people that actually worked–we were drastically under-staffed.

Those are negative things I can think of at the moment anyway.  AND there were good things, for major example:  My twice-three times yearly bonus checks at Noah’s Ark.  We’re talking $3,000 to $4,000 checks, here x multiple times a year.  That is awesome, and I appreat(ed) them very, very much.  In fact, because of those bonuses, I can hardly criticize my employers at Noah’s Ark at all.  I’m sure I have an overabundance of bad stories about each place though.  You just hear it about my current job, because that’s where I am day in day out, and because now I have this blog forum.  Believe me, this is the best of any vet job I’ve had.  It’s just the way all vet hospitals are run that has made me tired of taking the crap.

And as for the doctor I don’t like to work with currently:  Dr. Pig-Sty, Dr. Noncommunication, Dr. No-Time-Managment Skills.  Whatever you want to call her–is someone whose WORK style I cannot stand.  But I think she’s a nice person.  It’s not that I don’t like her at all.  Now, Ev in Seattle–I didn’t like at all.  The vet at emergency–I thought was negligent and too gruff/antisocial.  Mary doesn’t really count since she and I had a major (personal) falling out, due to her mid-life crises, but I liked working for her the first time around, and I think (when she does show up to work) she’s the best veterinarian I’ve worked for.  THIS vet–at least has a decent personality.  I like to have conversations with her.  She’s interested in feminism, in fitness, in news–she has interesting things to say.  I could see having a beer and a chat with her.  She just makes me effing crazy at work.