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11 Apr

At first, I was excited that creativity was required for my college class.  There was no place for creativity in my pre-veterinary courses.  We have to make something hands-on that will help teach young kids to correctly pronounce problematic speech sounds, but entertain them as well.  I instantly thought of a bunch of ideas!  But upon typing them into the internet I realized:  It’s all been done before.  I was not about to come up with anything unique.  While this discouraged me, I am still excited to MAKE something for a class.  Here are my (and my elementary school teaching, Mom’s) brainstorms:

-think of the orgami flower thing game with choices inside

-farm or zoo-themed something

-word wheel

-metal detecting for words


-flashcard baseball

-concentration matching cards

-make a suitcase and little items to “pack” for Going on a trip game

I think I know what I want to do, but our instructor hasn’t giving us the parameters of the assignment yet.  This makes it nearly impossible to work ahead in class.  But that’s a topic for another post.  Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

PS:  Weird!  I totally thought I had posted a blog yesterday.  I was ready to post THIS one yesterday, but held off not wanting two posts on one day.  Look how messed up April (everyone on vacation at work, semester project due tomorrow, and impending TBA final) has made me already. . .