And Some Good

12 Apr

After such a bad, ugly, and annoying start to the day, I wanted to write a quick update to the afternoon.

It went well-I LOVE school!

My semster long, huge project was due today.  It was this resource notebook which included handouts for the significant others of patients with speech sound problems.  As sort of interactive homework ideas.  Another part was the articulation tool summaries.  And we had to include typed pages outlining every step of the comprehensive intervention hierarchy for both children and adults.  We had to summarize, outline, type, and include examples of three different types of therapy approaches, and we had to write details of a diverse lingusitic population, dialect, or bilingual population (mine was Appalachian and Ozark English) with descriptions of their speech characteristics, ways to approach intervention, and a works cited page.

Anyway, I probably didn’t have to go into that much detail just now–but since I typed it, just go with it.  The point is–I worked really, really hard on mine.  My instructor told me I was a very conscientious student!  And when I saw what the rest of the class turned in I suspect my resource notebook is one of the best!  Hopefully, the content is worthy of an A+

Now, I just have one more BIG project and a TBA comprehensive final.  So I’m still stressed, but everything is coming to an end.  And Right now I have a 95.6% in the class–which is JUST an A+.  Now, to keep it.

And I just talked to my (nice) adviser, and she said I was a highly motivated student and had excellent work ethic.  She was trying to convince me to go for the SLP masters at Riverpoint, and said I’m officially part of “the cohort” and I’ll be all set up for the grad program.  She was telling me I could use my medical background to work with some sort of barium-swallowing-radiology kinds of studies, or work with adults with motor impairment, or go in a number of different directions.  Then, I could go for the AuD.  There’s no reason I can’t do both.  Or apply to both simultaneously and see which pans out.  I also turned in all my overabundance of financial aid paperwork to my adviser today, which also took a lot of running about, copying, and headache, but THAT’S finished too.  And I’m about to sign up for fall classes.

Everything school-related is good 😀

One Response to “And Some Good”

  1. SLP_Echo December 22, 2013 at 4:15 PM #

    Thanks for linking to my posts 🙂

    Congrats on finishing strong this semester!! #slp2b

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