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Wii and Bee

13 Apr

That’s beer–in the language that evolved for our cats. Chair = Chay; tail = tay; she = see. Does anyone else do that? I’ll find myself using the Meow-eeze language with real people and they look at me as if I’m crazy. Now that I’m in Speech & Hearing Sciences this type of creativeness/butchoring is probably not all that acceptable. . .

This isn’t a post about the language of cats though. I thought it was an appropriate post for a Friday night.  Well, it’s not like I get Saturdays off or anything, but it seems the world sees Friday as a fun night.  So I’m going with it.

This is my observation of how quickly alcohol can compromise your (at least mine and Cool’s) motor skills. After just 3/4 of a beer, I won’t be able to do the one-footed Wii-Yoga poses or single-foot Wii-strength exercises anymore.  This isn’t to say that I’m not plenty shaky at the one-footers stone sober, but things get dramatically worse once I’ve had ANY alcohol.  I never knew before, but even after one beer I would difinitity NOT pass the physical sobriety test.

I find this VERY scary, and really relevant to buzzed/drunk driving.  A lot of people seem to think just one beer does not impair them enough to forgo driving home.  And I’ve heard plenty of really fucking stupid-ass people say being drunk makes them drive better.  Like I said, really dumb.  And obviously not true.  It’s those idiots that are going to kill other, innocent drivers.  But I hope not.

But this post isn’t aimed at knowingly belligerently drunk people.  This is aimed at anyone and everyone who says–“I’ve had just one.”  “It’s ONLY beer.”  “Oh, my last drink was more than an hour ago.”  Or–“Well I ate a big meal with the alcohol.”  The implication–I’m OK enough to drive.  These are scary misconceptions.  Even a partial beer can impair motor skills enough that you should not operate heavy equipment.  So you already know it, you’re heard it over and over, but honestly there is NO safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed prior to driving.  Zero.

Or I suppose do some vigorous exercise first.  That is the ONLY proven way to sober up.  Exercise speeds your metabolism and works the alcohol through your system faster.  And all other science-ee, technical nutritional and health factoids that I’m too lazy to check my facts on or write out.  But you would really have to sweat it out for that to work. . .