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The Teeth and Claw

15 Apr

Insubordinate is I guess what you’d have to call me.  Though normally I am a rule follower.  Even if I don’t understand WHY the rule is in place.  Even if I don’t agree with the rule.  I’ll do it–because I’m supposed to.

But going to the doctor for cat scratches or even bites?  Unless they are really bad (as judged be me and my pain level) I just don’t see it as a worthwhile thing to do anymore.  Plus, I’m fully vaccinated-tetanus and rabies included–so I’m not concerned in that way about bites/scratches.  Side-note:  And the pictures never turn out as dramatic as the injury appears in person, as you can see.  Maybe that will be my deciding-factor.  If the pictures conveys a gruesome injury–it’s time to seek medical attention.  Back to topic:  And I totally get that the vets are legally, professionally, and morally obligated as well as probably legit concerned to send me to get medical treatment if I’m ripped apart by a cat.

I’ve gone to urgent care or emergency at every job I’ve ever had (barring Emergency, ironically) so I know just what will happen:

First, I will wait an extraordinarily long time.

Then, I’ll have to do a LOT of paperwork.  And answer a lot of the same questions again.  And another time.  I will also have to make up some story about how the injury happened.  A lot of private small businesses don’t want to pay out of workers comp, preferring to either reimburse you later, just have you pay, or have you utilize the insurance they give you.  And of course this is never discussed prior to an injury.

After the waiting, the paperwork, the lies, and of course more waiting.  Some nurse/assistant/orderly/janitor will come into your room.  They will gingerly/harshly and possibly clumsily clean the wounds with some iodine solution or chlorhexidine–which is of course the FIRST thing I do when I have a compromise in my skin.

Then, there may or may not be a bandage or wrap applied–depending how busy the person sent in is at the time and how competent they are at the job.

Next, more waiting.

Finally, a doctor will come in, maybe glance at the wound, maybe not.  The doctor definitively won’t touch you.  Not ever.  Also, they will minimize your injury.  Doctor tells you to take antibiotics.  When I say they make me nauseous, Doctor will explain to take them with food.  When I say I do and they STILL make me nauseous, the antibiotics might be cocktailed with some sort of belly-soother.  Or not.  Either way, I won’t end up taking the whole course–either because they really do a number on my belly or out of sheer laziness.

The whole thing will take from two to five hours when all is said and done.  And cost much more then anyone wants to pay.  And I could have done what they did at home.  for free.  And in much less time.  Which is why, I did not go seek medical treatment for little scratches and maybe a couple of bites–on a Saturday.  No.  Just call me non-compliant.

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