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Trampled by Turtles

16 Apr

Mostly I just wanted to write the title of this blog (and post awesome turtle pics), I don’t have all that much to say today.

Other then I’m tired, and dreading the next two weeks.  The vets traded days (again) so my next two ought to be especially horrible, then I lose my half day this Wednesday and next since our tech is on vacation, I’m studying for my (still!) TBA comprehensive final, and finishing my last big school project.  Not very fun-times.  Maybe I’ll get a massage in May using the extra money I’ll make working to cover the tech’s schedule.

The post title is a new CD by some band I can’t remember.  It was featured on a Spotify ad, but I was busy with school stuff so I didn’t check it out at the time.  Anyway, love the title, and want a tee shirt that says that slogan.

So good luck to me.  May the works days be painfully, tediously slow until May, and please give me patience with my co-workers and the doctors, much energy through the end of the month, and the motivation to put an extraordinary effort into school.  As an aside–the posts may be spotty to non-existent until May.  That.  Is.  All.

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