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81 More Days

24 Apr

Until my birthday!  And it’s never too early to plan.

Yeah, I should totally be studying right now–instead of editing and posting this blog (I wrote it Sunday).  But I woke up felling really tired.  And I wanted to 1) avoid (just for a minute!) my school notes and 2) Wake up a little bit before trying to cram information in my head.

I don’t know how many birthdays I have celebrated in Montana.  birth-4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, almost 28–I guess almost half of them.  And the other half were probably at Lake Tahoe.  With a little Phoenix (3 years?) and Seattle in there.  And birthday in Montana is not really a THING.  We just visited extended family every other year when I was growing up.  And my mom got summers off, so that’s when we’d go.  And my birthday is in the middle of summer.  So there you have it.

THIS year, I used vacation days in addition to my day off and Independence Day holiday to get Tuesday July 3rd afternoon through Sunday July 8th off.  And Wanting to GO somewhere, but having limited funds, we are off to Montana for at least a part of that–depending on how much time off Cool can get.  Montana, because it’s cheaper then Seattle–and slightly closer.  Though we could have chosen The German, I suppose.  But that’s good for short trips since we would have to pay to stay the night there.

It’s too bad my parents can no longer come along to Montana.  That would have been perfect–stupid, expensive roof.  But maybe Uncle Howard and Aunt Linda can come.  Aunt Linda is a good-time girl.  Either way, Cool and I make our own fun.  And we will make sure to have directions and stuff ahead of time this year since cell phones apparently don’t work at all in the whole state.

I will stay with family (for free), go to pow wow (of course) and we want to go to Glacier National Park and a brewery–maybe the Tamarack?  It will be awesome.  I haven’t been to Glacier since I was little, and I don’t think Cool’s ever gone.  Bison Range was ah-mazing with Cool, and we got super pictures, so Glacier should be equally as awesome.  Maybe some of my Aunts and Uncles can even go. . .  And I’ve never been of-age to be able to go to a MT Brewery, and they looked really cute when we drove by last year.  And the Tamarack has an outdoor patio (which I love) with a fire pit and heaters–cause I’m always cold and bug-bit in MT.  And I always love pow wow–we’ll just go later in the day and earlier in the weekend this time.  Everyone was partied out and sold out by the time we got there last year.  So exciting birthday times WILL be had!

29–it sounds weird to say.  I feel like I’m still 27, because there is never a call to SAY aloud how old you are after about 24 years of age. . .  And because going to Elemental and eating like Frasier was the epitomy of all birthdays.  I guess in my mind I stopped growing older after that.  But this year is certain to me great in a different way.