Dammit! Brandi Carlile is Killing Me!

28 Apr

With all of these close-calls.

First, I leave her Spokane concert early–in favor of NOT having a miserable work day Friday (the next day). Never again. I repeat for great emphasis–NEVER AGAIN!  The repetition serves to get it through my thick head that jobs do not care about me after they’ve used me up–so don’t make them my priority–especially concerning Ms. Carlile.  Maybe I’m finally beginning to learn.  Maybe. . .  I will never again leave a concert early–regret, regret, regret!  I totally wish I could have been the type of person who was like “Screw work, who cares it’s JUST a job, I don’t need sleep, and I don’t need to be functional at work.”  But I was not.  I left the concert early–and a chance to get an autograph because word has it of course Brandi walked around the audience after singing.  Of course–that is my luck.  I leave early and this is what happens. . .

Then, Brandi went to Seattle–in driving distance and in proximity to free lodging for us. Then, she was in Reno/Tahoe–where I am from.  Where my parents would love to see us and give us a place to stay for free.  But both during the winter holidays when other people at work were off. Do you notice a theme here?  Work ruins my LIFE!  Gah–I’m sure everyone feels that way, but it’s annoying.

And now Brandi has gone to Missouri–where I have a lot of connections and want to visit–3 to 4 times.  Three or four!  Why does she torture me? And she is touring Colorado, which is the same visit-wish-list story as Missouri.  But all on days I could never make work.  And at fees that would also not be ideal/practical for us.

And she is doing some shows with Dave Matthews this summer–but of course not the show I have tickets for. That is also my luck.  My DMB show is right next to Brandi’s home, during a summer when they are performing shows together–and yet. . .  Nope, not mine.  I have written both parties to let them know it is imperative they perform together at The Gorge.  We will see if they heed my request. . .  I have doubts.

And then, I see she is doing another show with Seattle Symphony Orestra–in Seattle.  Which would be amazing–and my first legit symphony experience. And it’s during my Thanksgiving break from school, and Cool’s mom would just kill to have us visit during a holiday (or at all). As a matter of fact, she might just kill me for “keeping her daughter away from her.”  But alas, Facebook only decided to tell me about the show a full month and a half after tickets went on sale.

As a side-note, why does Facebook inundate me with the same repetitive posts from the same slim group of friends, but hides people outside of that group?  And forget about seeing updates from things I’ve “liked,” such as new concert dates, give-aways, and so on.  And there is no fixing the scene because Facebook is super-sketch.  Again–I liked Myspace SO much better!!!!  But you have to go where the people are–so I’m dealing around with “The Sketch Book” *sigh* So again, after a close-call, I have missed out.

Brandi! I NEED to see an entire concert of yours. When will this happen–I am going crazy.

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2 Responses to “Dammit! Brandi Carlile is Killing Me!”

  1. Charles June 27, 2014 at 8:26 AM #

    I hear ya on this. I once missed a much more talented act (Staind) due to work. SO I hear you when it comes to regret. At least yours was just a hopeful and not an artist of accomplishment.

    • kit10phish June 27, 2014 at 9:04 AM #

      What a rude comment–trolls are not welcome here. *cough* Staind?!

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