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Rain Running

3 May

I seem to have this back-log of partial posts, or just ideas.  So bear with me while I go back to last week. I’ll set the scene:  I must study–I have behind due to. . .  I guess just work combined with general tiredness.  Anyway, I need to study, but can’t do it for 6 straight hours.  To combat this problem, I built in a little exercise break for myself at 10 AM.

I put on my running clothes–I opted for track pants because it was too cold for shorts, but too warm for sweats.  This proved to be a mistake.  My track pants touch the ground.  Immediately after we walked outside it began to rain.  Being Washington, I thought it might stop in the next 5 minutes, so we proceeded to go to the community college’s all-weather outdoor track.

This was also a mistake.  We had only been there on Sundays before.  On a Thursday, class was in session, parking was taken, and a thousand people were milling about.  So we had to park in the neighborhood next door, cross a really busy street (in the rain), trek ALL the way across campus (in the pouring rain), get lost on said campus (in the rain), and when we arrived at the track, well, the first two lanes were flooded.

Not cool.  Especially the rain.  I’m just not cut out for it. I guess I’ll never be a marathoner or even a real runner. I don’t care. Running in weather below 60 degrees sucks. And Cool–well, she always looks pretty unhappy while running, but last Thursday she looked especially mopey, soppy, and miserable.  Running in any kind of water–just no.

I WILL say it made studying feel awesome.  Dry, warm and awesome!  It’s all about perspective.