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A Murder on My Road

4 May

One block from my apartment. Less then a football field’s length away from where I have to park my car b/c my apartment does not have enough spaces. It’s where we walk ALL the time. Probably once a week since we moved to Spokompton.

I can’t say I’m any more scared now then I already was.  I think I’ve mentioned on here how I have a phobia of homeless people (and fires).  I knew the scene by the river.  We walked on the lower trail the first day we moved in, and due to the three different homeless camps out of view from the road/trail above (two of them with drunk people milling about at 10 AM on a Sunday) we realized it wasn’t safe for us.  I was fearful of the homeless hanging about–just because desperate people do desperate things.  And intoxication doesn’t help the situation.

I was already afraid of the hispanic guy who lives by the bench, and pees openly on the Centenial Trail.  And I was VERY afraid of the bed in the bushes by that bench–because the only reason I saw it at all w as I happened to hear some rustling in there.  And the visual was blocked from the trail and the road, and past the line of apartments.  It crossed my mind that whoever made it could grab someone right off the trail, drag them in there, and no one would see a thing.

And I was annoyed at the people speeding crazily down our quiet road.  And we called the police about it a couple of times–with no result.  We knew we’d be looking out the window and see one of those dogs running about (off leash) get hit by some speeder.  Or a kid.

Speaking of cars–I have to park Rusty down there.  And I called the police two different times when someone broke into my car.  Again with no result.  And at the time, I asked the police about the homeless problem and was told “priorities.”  And since we’ve seen sketchy activity in the gravel area near the bridge, and people walking under the bridge then coming out 10 minutes later, I asked if the law minded if people had illicit substances, and was told I could always call about it. . .  Still, we didn’t see a single police car on our road, so I just bought a better car alarm (and kept my eyes away from possible drug deals).

I hadn’t been parking Rusty down there for the last two weeks, like I usually do.  The road was closed for construction.  So it was even quieter then usual.  But every morning I walk down there by myself, to get into Rusty.  And it’s early enough that there aren’t a bunch of people on their balconies, or people walking their dogs, or joggers around.  This could have happened to me on any day.

But a 55 year old Sharlotte McGill was stabbed to death.  She was walking up from the lower trail, where we sometimes hear voices (of the River People) in the bushes.  Someone just jumped out and knifed her.

I’ll bet it was one of the homeless people who hang out around here.

And I assert again–80% of homeless people are addicted to at least one substance.  And this is probably even more true of “The River People” because the Union Gospel Mission, within walking distance has enough beds for people to stay there, free food, even dorm-like rooms that people can graduate to living in longer-term, on top of drug counseling and job training.  The only reason NOT to seek help there, is that you are loaded.  The Mission won’t allow anyone in who isn’t sober at the time.  It’s not a far stretch to think desperate people will do desperate things.

Next–how this turned into the great gun debate.