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Getting Ahead

6 May

Isn’t easy to do.  I tried to get ahead for school in the fall.  Impossible.  I think the university makes it impossible as a matter of fact.  I couldn’t buy my parking permit for next fall because they don’t have the right plastic yet??  What this all about?  Anyway, so I’ll be standing in the transportation line in August.  I couldn’t set up my online course account either–you have to wait until fall actually starts–and go in person.  Pain!  Now I am forced to stand in line. . .

But I can prepare for Christmas.  So if you’re on my gift-list, do us both a favor and stop reading here, OK?  For the rest of you:  December will be all kinds of crazy with full time work and two courses coming to a close.  So if any gifts are happening–I must start now.  And of course, I’m going to homemade (economical) route.

Here’s the prospective ideas that will be cheap, practical for me to make, and easy to mail (in the blue box):

bird seed sachel

scented eye pillow

turn a wine bottle into an oil/vinegar bottle–by painting it

Now, I’m contemplating pre-writing x-mas cards and addressing them so I literally just have to drop things in the blue box come the stressful holiday season.