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8 May

Of course you know pet food and treats is all about marketing.  All of the food is basically the same–give or take some high quality ingrediants, salt, and other minor details.  Pet food–is made for PEOPLE.  Blueberries, carrots, and shapes, well those are for YOU not your cat.

And a lot of cat things are shaped as fish.  I have not ever seen a domestic cat fish, but maybe the food giants know something I don’t. . .  What I have seen is many a kitty who hunted and killed mice, birds, insects, and feet under the covers.  Are these shapes less impressive to consumers?  Have the companies run studies or taken pools on this?  I prefer to look at the following items that my cat has hunted and killed:  A) Mice and other rodents B) bugs/insects/spiders/creepy-crawlies C) Fish.  And fish won by a landslide, though I suspect the occurrence (and opportunity) to prey on it is much less then the other choices.

Questions that enter my mind when Cool is feeding the buddies each night.