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Textbook Racket

11 May

How is it legal? To charge an ititial $100 for a used book? And then buy it back for $10-$15, and then to resell the same book for $100 again? How is it only worth something when it’s in the hands of big-textbook-company?  Should the value of an item remain stable no matter who’s hands it’s in?  I guess there are a lot of examples of this *cough* cars.  But it doesn’t make it right.

I got messed on my GRE study guides since they changed the whole format of the test right after I took it. . . Too bad–that could have been an extra $20 (for 5 large books)!  I think I saved all the texts from my major and minor too–but they’re in storage.  In Nevada.  And probably too old/irrelevant to sell anyway.

I wonder–how much of spent of textbooks since I’ve been in college.  I have had one year at UNR, four years at Mizzou, another semester at UNR (to use up a biiig scholarship), another class at Mizzou through the vet school, and now probably five semesters (hopefully no more) at Riverpoint.  And that’s pre-doctorate.  That’ll be 2-4 more years.  Books I have include chemistry, physics, nutrition, psychology, English, biochem, and I can’t remember if we had to buy a book for microbiology or not. . .  Among others.

I guess if I am actually going to get ahead (caught up?) or just survive Anatomy and working next fall, I’ll have to bite the bullet and pay the big bucks to order up my main book.  I did put the supplementary texts on my b-day list though.