Trip is OFF

14 May

I had dinner with my aunt and uncle who live in our city today. I was the one who invited them out, for the record. While we were there, my aunt asked if we were going to Montana over Memorial Day. Apparently, the entire familt is getting together in MT that weekend because my cousin that lives in Hawaii is visiting then. Even though my cousin, his parents, my Spokane Aunt, and all my extended family is on my Facebook friends list–no one mentioned it (or invited me). I saw this as a snub.

And it would have been super-easy for any one of them to mention it/invite me, because (I think I told you) I sent them a massage wanting to get together in July.  With no response–no sorry we can’t make July–but come in May.  Just silence.  Rude!  Except, that is, for my parents–who I only included out of courtesy, because they had made it clear their financials were disallowing ANY trips this year.

Oh, but guess what?  My parents replied that they couldn’t b/c it was too close to their Alaskan Cruise.  Umm, what???  Even though they SAID they had wanted to visit us in Spokane/Montana/Pow-Wow.  Which sucks that they don’t care about visiting us, or honoring their word, but I suppose given the chance to visit my parents or go on a cruise, the choice would be obvious. . .  The part that made me most angry was that they had been saying they couldn’t afford ANY trip because of a roof replacement. And cataract surgery. And a hisdirectomy. And after helping me with tuition. So that is understandable. What isn’t understandable is secretly buying cruise tickets and not mentioning it to your (ONLY!) daughter until she cordially invites you to her birthday in Montana.  Why so sketchy, mom and dad?

But they had the decency to TELL me (eventually and sort of) at least.  Unlike my other family members.  No one returned anything.  And my Aunt told me tonight that her sister will be out of town that weekend.  And I’m sure no one will want to go to MT twice in such a short span–since everyone else is getting together in May. . .

Then, my uncle let it slip that another set of my aunts and uncles was IN town last week.  The four of them went to dinner and everything.  And no one thought to invite Cool and mes.  How can I NOT take that as a personal slight???  Are we so forgettable?  What have I done to these people–aside from inviting them to join us for fun birthday times in Montana???  Jerks.  They’re off the Christmas list.  Maybe.  And my birthday is getting changed.  I can take a hint–and I don’t want to spend my big 29th with haters.

I was shocked, upset, and infuriated–with three different scenarios in which my family says eff you to me:  The parents (secretly) changing their story, the entire family getting together on Memorial weekend (when I happen to have vacation days off, not that anyone cared to ask), and when family came into this same town–and ignored me altogether.  I definitely told my Aunt that my Grandma Reathel would not have liked this behavior (it’s true, too).  And I mentioned she would NEVER have treated me this way.  And she wouldn’t have either–nor should they.

So now I’m back to square one in the birthday planning.  And it’s severely bumming me out.  The Inland Northwest has nothing.  Nothing awesome at an affordable price that is.  Everything is either too far away for Cool’s amount of time off, too expensive, or too sad and uncool for a birthday.  I WISH we could fly to Colorado and check it out!  But pretty much any flight is out of our budgetary constraints.  I have no idea what to do. . .  I want something out of this town, cheap, and fun.  And far away from my jerkelstilskin family!

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