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15 May

I don’t know why I let my stupid family get me so down.  I never had extended family when I was growing up–not really.  Other then my Grandma Reathel and (briefly) my Aunt Debra, I never really had any sort of meaningful relationship with any of them.  I was never a kid who grew up playing with cousins, as they were too old, too snotty to stoop to our level, or withheld because of family dysfunction.  I saw extended family in short spurts every other summer.  No calls, letters, holidays.  So I’m not sure why I cared so much that they were leaving me out now.  Maybe because when I DID see family I was always the favorite.  It’s an easy thing to maintain, when you don’t see them often.  I was a novelty as the youngest and only female grandchild that was hardly ever seen.  Now I’m old news.  But what do I care–my relationship with them hasn’t really changed I guess.

But I want to do something for my birthday.  I feel like 29 will be a good year for me.  Obviously, Cool and I cannot swing any flight so–pretty much anywhere on our travel to-do list (NV, SanFran, NC, MO, CO, Boston) is out.  We’re already going to “The German” on Memorial Day and Seattle over Thanksgiving.  Portland, Calgary, Canada, Eastern Montana, Yellowstone, and Boise (all cool-ish places) are 8+ hour drives and would require expensive lodging, so they are out.  NO concerts/festivals/sports come anywhere in our vicinity.

What does that leave us with?  Not much:

Go do fun stuff in Western MT anyway.  Suck it up and deal with family drama.  Or find (possibly expensive) lodging, or at the bare minimum a shower.  Stick with the pow-wow, Glacier, brewery plan.

Northern Idaho.  The good thing is the distance from our apartment.  And I always love water and sun.  The Lake has kayaking, para-sailing, and a luxurious hotel, but I’m pretty sure those are all pretty pricey–plus the weather is no guarantee.  It’s a definite maybe.

Tri-Cities.  They have a famer’s market, but who knows how big, cool, or affordable.  And there’s a place with a drag show–but it’s probably seedy and late. . .

Walla Walla.  Just 3 hours away which is amazing.  Features a BUNCH of wineries, some OK (not very well-reviewed) restaurants, sushi (11:30 AM-1:30 PM Tues-Fri specials), a dessert place, and coffee shops.  For entertainment–other then the afore-mentioned eating and drinking:  A toy store, candle store, mini-golf, Pioneer Park, and a spa (with reflexology massage for $45!).

Do something we’ve never done. . .  Here. . .  Ugh–I suppose we could spend too much money and try out a spa right in town.  Also go to some sporting/adventure thing.  Plus dinner at a restaurant we’ve never been too.

Which hardly sounds spectacular for a birthday.  The whole thing is still kinda bumming me out.