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A Serious Topic

16 May

Death.  This is heavy, and belief-laden.

It’s really confuses me when religious (churchy) people seem to have a difficult time dealing with death. Whether it’s their pet or a loved human or someone they don’t know very well, I am surprised when they struggle with it.  Isn’t that a major tennent of organized religion?  Going to heaven, reuniting with passed loved ones, possibly meeting God/Jesus/whoever your belief-system requires?

I’m not afraid of death.  Of course I miss people and pets close to me who are no longer here:  Grandma Reathel (especially!), Max and Jellybean, Toby the turtle, Squirt, Buddha-Bob, Ladybug, Anja and Tucker. . .  And I don’t like when someone really young dies, or if a person/animal were taken in a really unexpected or particularly tragic way.  Or–worst of all–if a pet is euthanized for financial reasons.  But, But, But:  I believe there are things much worse then death.  I feel bad for loved ones left behind (and me)–but I know whoever died is much better off then they are here.

Also, I know the dead are with me–in my memories, in my dreams, and maybe even in spirit.  They are with me when I need them, and they still live in my mind.  Not in a *hearing voices, hallucinating* way, but just in the sense they positively impacted my life, and that cannot be erased.  That goes for any person that has survived the death of a loved one.

A lot of people mistake my views as a lack of compassion.  I do FEEL.  I know everyone deals with these things differently.  There is no one way to grieve.  I just find it peculiar when a person with strong religious conviction seems terrified of death, slow to end a pet’s misery and suffering, or reacts strongly even when a stranger passes.  I feel they should have an inner calm about the process if they do in fact believe in their spiritual teachings.