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22 May

It was 84 degrees yesterday last week, actually is when this happened!  Cool and I HAD to be outside–obviously.  But first she had to work from 1-5:30 PM.  So we went out on our trail right when she got home and walked 2.5 miles downtown.  Surprisingly, hardly anyone was on the trail on such a nice Sunday.  Weird–considering it was a hot weekend.  I guess everyone was at a restaurant or park with mom?

Problem was, on the way home the sun started to set.  Did I mention Cool always walks 3 mph?  Which feels S-L-O-W to me.  I’m a naturally fast walker, but I feel like she slugglishly crawls along.  It is really, really annoying that she always trails behind, and I’m constantly nagging her to hurry up.  And we didn’t really want to be on our now super-sketch trail in any kind of dark.  Just in case.  So I was just going a brisk pace and leaving her behind.  All the way back home.

Finally, we get to our part of the trail–where hardly anyone no one is out and about, and again, where someone was stabbed to death a week and a half ago.  The sun was almost down, and it was gray and dusky out.  We could either hustle down (the middle of) our road or go UP the hill along the main road 2 blocks and through the more populated neighborhood.

Tired as all get out from “jogging” home Cool chose the shorter way–our road.  It’s all blocked off and covered with heavy construction equipment.  Tubes along the entire sidewalk, huge wood things in the middle of the road, blockades and dirt berms on each side street.  We walked up the middle of (the now dirt) road, making it halfway home.  Then, behind us was a Jeep coming fast.  We wondered who would be driving on our closed road and decided to go around some construction equipment onto the sidewalk.

When the Jeep got near us, instead of speeding by as I expected it slowed down, then stopped.  Next to us.  Maybe the driver needed directions?  Maybe he was going to warn us against being down here at night?  I looked towards him as I walked to see what he wanted.  His passenger-side window was open.  But he just leered.  And said nothing.  It made me feel creeped and and suspicious that he would stop right next to us, but didn’t seem to want anything.

Since I was looking at him instead of the sidewalk, I ran into a wheel-barrow full of concrete on the sidewalk.  I stopped.  And still the man said nothing!  Cool was behind me per the usual.  I got a bad feeling and just started running, hoping she would run too.  I had initially planned on walking up the whole road until we got to the stairs by our apartment, but since the creepy guy was there I chose to cut up past the berm–where he wasn’t able to follow in his Jeep.

When I reached the point he couldn’t drive, I turned and looked back to see where Cool was.  Walking.  How frustrating IS that?  We might be killed–and she’s too tired to save herself by running. . .  Anyway, I’m watching her (slowly) walk toward me, and I see the Jeep slowly pull forward, try to turn up the road, then seeing the blockade/berm speed up Riverton.

I don’t know what that was all about, but it was disruptive to my psyche considering the recent events down there!

And Cool and I would make terrible witnesses.  I thought the car was a red Jeep, she thought it was a blue-something.  I thought the guy had longish, black stringy hair, she thought he was wearing a black hoodie.  We could agree he was a pale Caucasian.  Hopefully, we never witness a crime, because we could definitely NOT get our story straight.